What Happened When This Breastfeeding Mom Answered the Door Without a Bra On

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Julie Yusko/Facebook

On a typical morning, Julie Yusko was barely out of bed and had just gotten her baby girl settled in her Pack 'n Play when she heard an unexpected knock at the door. As most parents can attest to, if you drop by a new mom's house without warning and early in the morning, don't expect anything other than pajamas or sweat pants, a mom bun, zero makeup, and potentially a leaky boob. This is pretty much the state that Julie was in when this stranger decided to stop by -- only she was wearing a white, oversized T-shirt without a bra.


"I opened the door halfway poking my head around to see who it was so as 'not to let [our dog] Trooper out' when in reality, I didn't have a bra on and anyone who has breastfed their baby knows that those things are always at attention and I was wearing a t-shirt," Julie wrote on Facebook.

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It turns out that the mystery man was a tax assessor, and after he introduced himself, he asked if he could come in to take a quick look around the house. Julie happily agreed but asked him to wait outside for a moment while she put the dog in another room. "I quickly locked Trooper in Brinley's room and ran to grab my sweatshirt to help keep 'the girls' concealed. I couldn't find my sweatshirt," she wrote. "I didn't want to make him wait out there while I put on a bra so I thought, 'Oh, he probably won't notice anyway.'"

At least that's what she was hoping when she opened the front door and gave him a tour of her home -- while awkwardly keeping her arms crossed in front of her chest, in an attempt not to give away that she was just trying to conceal her nipples. After he thanked her and left, Julie immediately closed the door and went directly to the mirror to assess how bad she looked.

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"It wasn't so bad. Except for the fact that MY FREAKING SHIRT SAID 'GUESS WHAT I'M NOT WEARING,'" she wrote. "Thanks dad, for giving me the shirt you got after you got Lasik. I'm gonna go throw it in the trash now."

Julie Yusko/Facebook

And just in case the tax assessor man missed it, the winky face on her shirt was the perfect touch.

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