This Mom Just Said Everything You've Ever Thought About Public Diaper Blowouts


Disastrous public diaper blowouts are something that every parent of a small child has experienced. Whether it's your own kid or you're just a witness to someone else's, it never really gets any less traumatizing. Luckily, this mom is here to help us laugh at our pain. In a viral rant, writer Tara Wood gives a reminder to all her fellow moms that brings everyone's funniest private thoughts about public diaper blowouts to life.

  • In a recent Facebook video, Wood spins an amazing tale about a trip to Target turned sour due to the public diaper blowout of someone else's baby.

    She beautifully details what it's like to accidentally walk into a cloud of baby stink when you're just trying to innocently go about your day. "If you are in public with your baby who has obviously had catastrophic diarrhea or something and has this horrific odor around him, and he smells like he just sh*t out a dead man, yeah, everybody else can smell that too."

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  • Tara even manages to not-so-subtly mock the cute but nonsensical way all moms talk to their babies.

    "So when you say, 'oh Jameson are you poopy?' Um...Yeah, Jameson's not gonna answer you but I will ... And that's why, when this lady today at Target asked Jameson, who was maybe 4 months old, if he had a poopy, I said, 'I would like to confirm to you that Jameson does have a poop. There's a family restroom in the front of Target and you should probably take him in there to change it.'"

  • "You know, nobody wants to smell this odoriferousness even if it's coming from a cute little baby," Wood says, voicing everyone's thoughts, exactly.

    "Nobody wants to hang out and shop the clearance section with you when you've got a baby that smells like, you know, it just sh*t out 15 hard-boiled eggs."

  • It may not be the nicest thing to say to a fellow mom, but someone has to do it, right?

    We totally get it, being in public with a baby is an ordeal as is. No one wants to be told when to change her kid's diaper. But, as people with working noses, we can't help but side with Tara.

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  • "So anyway, if you smell your baby's poop, other people smell your baby's poop," she concludes.

    "Do your baby a favor, do your co-shoppers a favor and go change that poop. Jameson, you're welcome. I hooked you up today, brother."