7 Nap-Worthy Moments We Wish We Could Actually Use for Extra Sleep

If you’re a mom, there’s no question about it: parenting is running you ragged, and you’re often so busy your life is starting to feel like an episode of American Housewife. You put on a brave face (most days), but if we’re being honest we know you’d do just about anything for the chance to curl up in bed and take a quick midday nap . . . for nine or 10 hours. Unfortunately, with a family to be fed and chauffeured and clothed from the clean pile instead of the dirty pile, sometimes the most you can do is daydream about being well-rested. Here are seven times we wish we could sneak in a few winks.  


1. When your kid is taking 27 minutes to explain in mind-melting detail what she just did in Minecraft. The more you try to pay attention, the more it sounds like she’s speaking a different language, and the more you wish you could pull the covers up over your head and go to sleep.

2. When you’re sitting in the school pickup line and feeling the pain of every precious minute that slips by as you read and reread and reread the insane bumper stickers of the car ahead of you instead of staring at the backs of your eyelids, as nature intended.

3. When you’re watching your kid’s soccer team get utterly destroyed by the opposing team and wish you could set up a nap nest in the grass and make it all go away. At the very least, wear your darkest sunglasses and no one has to know you’re snoozing in your camp chair, right?

4. When you’re overwhelmed with chores and need a personal assistant, if only for the day. Just think of the naps you could take if you could outsource driving things to the post office, picking up shopping from across town, cleaning the rain gutters, and putting together the new bookshelf that came with 84 pieces and no instructions.

5. When you’re trapped in the car with a kid who never, ever, ever gets tired of playing I Spy. You’re a master multitasker, but you haven’t yet figured out how to sleep and drive at the same time.

6. When you’re stuck playing poop doula in a public restroom because your kid always needs to go number two as soon as you walk into any place that’s not your house, AMIRITE? If I had a dollar for every time that’s happened to me, I’d have enough to buy a new lavender-scented silk sleep mask.

7. When you’re so exhausted at the end of a long day you’d just as soon rest your head on that pillow of fluffy mashed potatoes than eat them.

Even if you can’t find time to sneak a little shuteye into your day, you should definitely carve out some “me time” every week – even if that means letting the dishes or laundry sit for another night. (We promise we won’t judge!) Starting on September 27, make Wednesday nights your time to kick back and watch season 2 of American Housewife on ABC!

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