7 Amazing Moments When You Realize All the Hard Work Paid Off

Parenting often requires a lot of effort, but every once in a while all the puzzle pieces fall into place and you remember why you go to the trouble in the first place. So take a page from the American Housewife playbook and never miss an opportunity to congratulate yourself when things actually work out the way you want them to.


These are moments worth celebrating! Whether you would rather humbly bask in the glow of your success, or perform a celebratory jig that involves boisterous fist pumps and chants of “I am the best! I am the best!” over and over, here are seven milestones to look forward to in your parenting journey.

1. When your teen takes out her earbuds and opens up to you about something personal, even if you can’t actually help her. (Or at least not until you consult two parenting books, all your Facebook friends, and maybe even your husband.) Sometimes it’s enough to just acknowledge the problem, as American Housewife’s Katie Otto and daughter Taylor did when they agreed that “teenage girls are the worst.” (Hey, it takes one to know one.)   

2. When your kids get old enough to start figuring things out for themselves . . . but then come to you when they realize they still need your help. I mean, it’s good to foster independence, but it’s also good to feel wanted. (Show me a mother who doesn’t love being the hero and I’ll eat this World’s Best Mom T-shirt straight out of the laundry hamper.)

3. When your older kid gives your younger kid advice and it doesn’t backfire. Keep a handful of confetti in your pocket at all times just in case, because when this happens you deserve to parade around the room waving like a championship MVP. 

4. When your child conquers a fear, in part because she’s learning by your example. Remember all those times you put on a brave face to show your kids they shouldn’t be afraid of bugs/heights/jumping in the swimming pool? Like when Katie modeled some serious poolside confidence for her daughter Anna-Kat. She might not have been feeling heroic in the moment, but she did it for your kid, and that’s what makes a great mom

5. When you borrow a drone to creep on your own children, but then discover you didn’t need to because they’re such good kids – even when they think you’re not looking. You raised them right, so go on and take credit where credit is due (and maybe next time try not to crash the drone and make a spectacle of yourself).

6. When you can see in your kids’ faces that you totally nailed your speech about body positivity and the importance of believing that every body is beautiful. (Just make sure you follow Katie’s lead and wait until you’re out of sight before you freak out over the family portrait your kid made, in which you’re represented by a shape that can only be described as circular.)

7. When you realize that all the cheerleading you do for your kids has taught them how to be great cheerleaders for others. Seeing them encourage a teammate, congratulate a sibling, or even remind you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and practice -- that’s when you know for sure they’re not just hearing you but also listening. Well done, Mom. 

We can’t wait to see what other amazing moments the new season of American Housewife has in store when it starts on Wednesday, September 27. Make sure you tune in!

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