The Most Cringe-Worthy Parenting Moments, Ranked

Don’t believe what the sanctimommies show you on social media: Parenting is not always glamorous, and sometimes it’s downright humiliating. In those dark times, it can help to find comfort in watching other parents flail (and sometimes fail), even if they’re fictional characters like Katie Otto from American Housewife. She’s always there to remind you that parenting is HARD and you’re not aloneThat’s why we’re so excited for American Housewife to return Wednesday, September 27th.


So whether your downfall comes through some fault of your own, or through the casual betrayal of your precious angel children, or your beloved but sometimes shockingly unhelpful spouse, here are seven soul-crushingly mortifying moments we hope you never experience, even though you probably will. Sorry!

7. When your kid finally makes a friend but the friend’s mom is straight-up intolerable, and it brings out the very worst in you.

6. When you catch yourself saying things your own mother used to say, even though you always swore you’d be better than her when you had your own kids. (But let’s be real: You seriously need to stop yourself if you ever get to the point of wearing a giant neck brace to Thanksgiving dinner just to be the center of attention.)

5. When you’re out in public wearing your cute sweatpants, but your kids don’t want to be seen with you because . . . okay, fine, because you’re out in public wearing sweatpants. Guilty as charged.  

4. When you settle in for some nice bonding time and (a) your older kids want nothing to do with you and/or (b) your younger kid picks an activity so excruciatingly boring/frustrating/annoying you have to run away before your brain starts leaking out your ears.

3. When your family confesses to calling you names behind your back. Real talk: No matter how fancy it sounds, no one wants to be known as Colonel Beatrix Von Beige Underpants Control Freak.

2. When you realize your kid’s worst habit is something they inherited directly from you. Or, even worse, when your husband is the one who points it out!

1. When you realize you DO have a favorite child and everyone knows it, including the non-favorite kids. Oops.




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