If You Think Your Post-Baby Body Isn't 'Perfect,' Think Again

post baby body

Of course we love our kids fiercely, but that doesn't mean we feel that way about our post-baby bodies. In a world where there's so much pressure for moms to lose the baby weight and slide back into their bikinis overnight, one mom is working to love her body exactly as it is, saggy skin and all. 


In a recent Instagram post, photographer Nichole LaBreche Frank reminds us that perfection isn't about having a body that matches the computer-generated images we see in a magazine. Perfection is right in front of us, in the children our bodies worked so hard to form.

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She admits that, like many women, she struggled with how different her body looked after having her daughters. "After each of my pregnancies I have looked at my body and wondered where the hell my 'perfect body' went and when did my stomach become, according to my oldest daughter, 'old looking'?" Ah, kids. Their brutal honestly is great when they're praising your pancakes, but when they're pointing out your stretch marks, not so much. 

mom poses with post baby belly

Some moms gain new confidence in their saggy stomachs. They see their stretch marks as tiger stripes and are proud of the way their body looks after having children. LaBreche Frank may not be ready to join them with a roar of her own, but she realized that there's another reason why she's okay with her body looking different than it once did. Her body's former perfection isn't gone -- it's just been transferred to her children.

"But then I look at the baby fussing in her little bouncer and her rambunctious 3-year-old sister tending to her by putting her binky in her mouth and I realize my body went to my children," she writes. "For a total of 18 months combined my body was a home to two of the world's most precious girls."

little girl kissing baby

Whether you "bounce back" faster than a rubber band or if your stomach forever looks like a rippling ocean, we all feel like our bodies are forever changed by pregnancy. Rather than get bitter or resentful, we can take LeBrache Frank's words as encouragment to view the experience as one that transferred some of our fabulousness to our offspring, instead of imagining it as lost forever.

She's made peace with her body by choosing to remember the love she felt as it changed shape to accommodate her growing girls -- a positive thought we could all benefit from.

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"Each and every stretch mark and wrinkle is a reminder of the sleepless nights I had and will continue to have," she writes, "the unconditional love I felt the moment I found out that they were nestled inside of me, the skip of my heartbeat when I first heard theirs, and the look in their eyes the moment they first met mine, that look that I was theirs and they were home."

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