This Battle Cry Is for All of the Struggling Moms Deep in the 'Trenches of Motherhood'

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There's one aspect of being a parent that many moms secretly know to be true, and Lauren isn't afraid to admit: Motherhood is lying to yourself, daily. After having three kids in five years, Lauren became one of the countless women who works to always put her kids first. Yes, she strives to always choose their needs over her own, no matter what, but this Kansas mom doesn't feel the need to sugarcoat everything else that comes along with being a parent. That's why people are loving these words of encouragement she just wrote for other moms in the "trenches of motherhood."


"[Motherhood is] sitting with them for an hour at the table until they take that ONE bite of casserole. And almost crying when they finally do it," she wrote on her Facebook page, From Blacktop to Dirt Road. "It's missing things you are excited for when someone gets a fever and saying 'no' to things you want to do, but just can't."

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From Blacktop to Dirt Road/Facebook

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From the riveting Friday nights spent lounging in sweatpants on the couch to the rushed fast-food dinners filled with lots of chaos yet little actual eating, many parents can relate to Lauren's experience as a mom just trying to do her best.

"It's wiping noses and bums, and changing diapers and wet undies when they don't make it in time," she wrote. "It's the fight against tantrums and choosing your battles. It's absolutely exhausting."

Yet, there is more than one side to motherhood, and, as Lauren wrote, that's too wonderful to ignore. "It's giving them the last bite of ice cream and sneaking them an extra piece of cake. It's having a moment of being a 'yes' parent because you know how their face will light up when you let them have it their way," she wrote. "It's cuddles on the couch when they are sick that you wouldn't get otherwise. It's also cherishing the moments that you wouldn't get anywhere other than home, because home is where the true magic happens."

Even when it's hard, those good times balance out the hardships, and when you step away from the single moments, the big picture that you can see is pretty incredible. "It's seeing your children grow, day in and day out. Tantrum after tantrum, discipline after discipline," she wrote. "It's forgiveness and love and grace and a whole lot of patience ... and all the while, their little hearts are being molded. Their minds are learning, changing, shifting ... And so is yours. And it's life giving." 

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So, despite how tiring, frustrating, and messy it can be, Lauren sees getting through these young years as "mothering in the trenches," and she wants to remind you that there's no place else you'd rather be -- even when you feel ready to pull your hair out. "Mama, you were created for these joyful, fleeting moments. There is no greater calling than mothering in the trenches; no greater honor than to have a hand in shaping the souls of the next generation. You were made for this," Lauren wrote. "So stand strong in your trenches, mama. Put your feet on the Rock and hang on tight. It's going to be an exhausting, life-giving ride."

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