The Hilarious Reasons You Never See Moms in Disney Princess Movies

i mom so hard
I Mom So Hard/Facebook

We all love watching Disney movies with our kids. But spend a Saturday on the couch streaming your faves and you start to see a pattern -- why are all the moms missing from Disney movies?

  • I Mom So Hard are back with a super funny video pointing out all the ways moms would have ruined the classic Disney plot lines we all know and love.

    Rocking tiaras like the queens they are, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley hold nothing back as they explain how moms wouldn't let the princesses and cartoon animals in Disney movies get away with even half of the things that go on.

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  • "Jasmine, you think you're gonna go on a magic carpet ride with this guy? Oh no you're not."

    Moms have a sixth sense that let us know what our kids are up to at all times. Sneaking off the balcony to soar around the world? Royalty or not, think again. "Get home, young prince," Jen and Kristin declare. "Let me tell you something, Jasmine, if you rub his lamp, it is not a genie that comes out!" 

    And when the time finally comes to touch a lamp, one word for you kids -- gloves. 

  • As for Nemo, he would have never seen the inside of that fish tank.

    "Nemo, if you touch that butt, I promise you, you will not leave the anemone for seven days!" Jen says, explaining how a mom would have handled the infamous scene that gets Nemo kidnapped by a diver. Between our best "I mean it" voice and the power of the birthday party threat, Nemo never would have left his mom's side.

    "You've got that little girl that inks herself's birthday party in two days ... it's about choices!"

  • Elsa may have found her confidence in the end, but a mom never would have let her lose it in the first place.

    Elsa's mom isn't dead for the whole movie, but she might as well be, since the king's "conceal, don't feel" nonsense doesn't exactly turn Elsa into a socially adept, well-adjusted adult.

    Things would be so different if Mom was running the show. "Elsa, you get out of that room, you're gonna have to deal with it," they imagine Elsa's mom saying. "Life is hard, put on your gloves ... everyone's got something. Suck it up! Don't touch your sister! Now get out here and go to soccer practice."

  • They even give a real mom's perspective on Cinderella's glass slippers.

    Gorgeous, yes. But practical, no. "That glass slipper is just like a metaphor for immature love," they say.

    The shoes are an obvious sign that little Cindy was raised without a female around to show her the joy of comfortable footwear and what a mature relationship looks like. "Wait till your 30s, meet a Naturalizer that's a comfortable, sensible shoe that's not all flashy."

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    Supportive, dependable, and practical. Things to look for both in spouses and in shoes. 

  • Lastly, instead of sleeping until a man comes to the rescue, a mom would insist that Sleeping Beauty hit the books.

    "Sleeping Beauty's so misleading!" they lament. "Why don't they have a movie called 'Studying Beauty' or 'Working two jobs to put herself through school Beauty'?"

    For real, Disney. We know it's not as exciting as slaying a dragon, but just once it would be amazing to see a Disney princess (or even a prince) getting a degree as part of a plot line.