Parents Share the Most Expensive Things Their Kids Have Destroyed & It's Way Too Real

 kids destroying things

A huge part of being a parent is coming to terms with the fact that your kids are going to destroy a lot of your things: your wallet, your ability to properly hold in your pee, and maybe even some of your favorite, most expensive items. Partly for catharsis and partly to brag about how demonic their kids are, the parents of Reddit have created a viral thread sharing the most expensive things their kids have destroyed, and some of their answers will give you nightmares.

  • Many of the stories in the thread are exactly what you'd expect.

    Like this parent who shared the time his or her son threw a toy truck at an expensive new TV, showing just how absolutely weird, wonderful, and destructive toddler brains can be. 

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  • But other stories are ... a little more dramatic.

  • Take, for instance, this kid who destroyed an entire ecosystem in one night.

  • Or this one, who almost destroyed her family's finances using Amazon's 1-click buy option.

  • This kid turned his mom's car into a performance art piece.

  • And this one turned Mom's car into a piggy bank.

  • Plenty of people also shared hilarious stories about the things people in their families destroyed as kids.

  • Like this sibling who has a serious biting problem.

  • Whether the item is big or small, one thing is clear: Kids are really just tiny disasters.

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