7 Thoughts Every Mom Has Had While Back-to-School Shopping


Whether preparing for the new school year is your favorite annual ritual or the bane of your existence, we’re here to prove you’re not alone. Here are seven thoughts running through the minds of your fellow BTS shoppers as they dash about collecting all the essential supplies and must-have fashions their kids “neeeeeeed” for school this fall.


1. “Why are there so many kinds of pencils, and why does the class supply list ask for the one that doesn’t seem to actually exist in any store I’ve been to?”

2. “If I had a dollar for every time my child complained about back-to-school shopping, I’d have enough dollars to . . . actually pay for everything I’m buying.” (Thank goodness, at least, for the BuyPower card, which helps you earn toward a new GM vehicle with every purchase!)

3. “In hindsight, I should have gotten my college degree in My Little Pony identification. That way, I’d be sure to get the right backpack. Apparently, I accidentally bought one featuring Glitterblossom and Honeypetal instead of Unicornicopia and Twinklepeach.”

4. “Please oh please oh please let my daughter think this is a ‘cool’ denim jacket and not a ‘dumb’ one, because this is the only one we’ve found after going to six different stores!”

5. “Why are there so many Pokémon, and why does my kid care so much about ‘catching them all’ in miniature-eraser form?”

6. “BTS doesn’t stand for ‘back to school,’ it stands for ‘break the spirit.’ Or maybe ‘blood, tears, sweat’ -- specifically mine.”

7. “Excuse me, kind sales person, but can you direct me to the aisle where I can find shoes that will fit my child for longer than two months?”

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