15 Moms Share Their Best Tips for Bridging a Huge Sibling Age Gap


When I was growing up, my older brothers were basically like mythical creatures to me. They're eight and twelve years older than I am, so it wasn't until we were all adults that I felt like I really got to know them. I always felt like I wanted to have my own kids very close together in age so they'd have more of that lifelong friendship people always talk about it when it comes to siblings. But, as any parent knows, things don't always go exactly as planned.


Now I'm both a mom and stepmom, and the combination of having a large blended family and going through some tough fertility challenges means that my daughter has older brothers who are 22, 19, and 4 years older than her. Pretty big age gaps, right? So much for that whole "close in age" plan I had, right?

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Luckily, my daughter loves all of her (much) older brothers, and they are all so sweet with her. But I'm always looking for ways to help them bond and make sure they feel connected as siblings. That's why I decided to talk to some other moms who have kids with a five-year or more age gap in between them. These moms had lots of genius ideas for how to help siblings bond, no matter the age gap, and some really sweet stories of what sibling love can look like. PS: I'm totally stealing idea #9!

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