Mom Fires Back at Teachers Who Shame Kids for Bringing 'Unhealthy' Snacks


mom shamed for chocolate milk
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It seems like instances of mom-shaming are never ending. If we aren't being shamed by other parents we're being shamed by strangers. These instances almost always involve something super arbitrary but are nevertheless hurtful. Instances of mom-shaming like the one this woman experienced after putting chocolate milk in her son's lunch box are always rage-inducing. 


Thirty-three-year-old Constance Hall leads a busy life. In addition to running her own successful radio show in Australia, the Like a Queen blogger also has to wrangle a brood of rambunctious kids. 

In a recent segment on her show The Queen Sesh, Hall discussed an issue that her son has been having at school concerning his mother's choice to send him in with chocolate milk. According to Hall, her son Arlo had been shamed for months about the milk, leading to Constance's being on the recieving end of an "awkward" lecture about the boy's nutrition from his teacher. Understandably, this lecture left her feeling less than stellar. 

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"There are people like me who work full-time and have six children that sort of need things to go smoothly," Hall shared on the show, according to the Mirror. "There are other mothers who can't even afford to do lunch orders and then for them to get shamed about what they're giving their kids for recess, I just don't like it. I don't like the whole thing. It feels icky to me." 

Constance's point is incredibly poignant. Mom-shaming that comes from a faux concern about kids' health never really seems to take into account the circumstances. In this situation, Hall tried to clear things up with the teacher by stating her reasons for sending her son to school with such an "unhealthy" drink. "So I said to the teacher, really? The options are that or juice and because he can't have any bread or anything substantial I give him the milk to line his tummy a bit because he's probably hungry."

After hearing her story, parents have rallied around to agree with Constance, commenting on the Mirror's Facebook page


While others have chosen to agree with the teacher:


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Chocolate milk is hardly the most unhealthy drink out there, but even if it was, shaming both child and mom about it was a huge mistake on this teacher's part. As Constance Hall says, "Power to the people! Let them drink milk!" 

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