This Mom's Account of Parenting While Hungover Will Make You LOL

hungover parenting
Constance Hall/Facebook

Whenever enthusiastic moms and dads get the chance to have child-free evenings, getting a little crazy with the booze is only natural. But if you've ever spent a night turning up only to be yanked harshly back into reality by your kids the next morning, this mom's hilarious Facebook post is going to feel so familiar.


"Go out they said ... You only live once they said ..." Constance Hall started her hilarious Facebook post. "Have they ever survived a hangover surrounded by deadly kids?"

Who hasn't been there? Suffering from a pulsing headache, dry mouth, the entire hangover works, and all your kids want to do is be as loud and busy as physically possible. Hall continued, "They came into my bed where I convinced them that Iggle Piggle on my laptop in bed would be living [their] best lives. They got hungry ... I paid the oldest $10 to make the youngest breakfast."

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Hall spent the rest of the day trying to distract her kids in between doses of pain meds to get rid of her crushing headache. "I convinced them that they needed ice cream (I needed ice cream) so I took them to an ice creamery, bought them scoops and waited in the car while they played in the park ... I lured them back into the car with the promise of a really exciting surprise at home. They hated me anyway so when I surprised them with A NAP it was no skin off my nose that they hated me more."

Her post is a shining example of the messiness that is parenting, whether you're cranky and hungover or just trying to juggle a ton of needy rugrats throughout the day. "At one point 3 of them came at me crying at once, slowly walking towards me with their hands out ... I didn't know if I was having an acid flashback or the army of the dead had crossed the wall," she said.

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Nearing the end of her hellish day, Hall recounts a funny exchange she had with one of her daughters: "Billie-Violet told me I was boring today, I said that, my girl, is why you shouldn't drink alcohol, it makes you really fun and then really boring." 

Plenty of parents have taken to Facebook to applaud Hall for her unabashed honesty. 

Constance Hall is hardly the first parent to suffer through a difficult day of parenting after having a little too much fun the night before, and she definitely won't be the last. Still, her hilariously raw take on the realities of juggling being a mom and trying to have some semblance of a social life makes us feel way, way better about our own hungover parenting days -- even after we promise to "never do it again."

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