Woman Shares a Powerful Thank-You to All the Black Breastfeeding Moms Out There

black breastfeeding moms

We speak a lot about the ups and downs of breastfeeding. The physical pains that come with the act are often followed by an emotional roller coaster that leaves you constantly questioning your decisions. Having support during your breastfeeding journey is a crucial part of staying motivated. That's why new mom and blogger Phylicia Sadsarin's message to all of the "black women who support, uplift, and encourage one another through the good and rough times" is incredibly inspiring. 


"I've been on this journey for almost 24 weeks and I couldn't feel more empowered!" she writes on Instagram.

Sadsarin continued, discussing the more physical difficulties that come with choosing to breastfeed: "If it wasn't for the not so good latches in the beginning (hey - we were learning together, but LORDT my poor nipples), engorgements, pumping to relieve the pain of rock hard boobs, nursing around the clock, and streams of milk shooting across the room (don't ask) I would have never been able to experience the bond we share."

Still, even with all of the pain and difficulties, she maintains that her decision was the best one for her daughter. "The benefits are endless and too much to state (here anyway), but they far outweigh any of the aforementioned hardships I've faced by a long shot!"

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She also expressed her thankfulness at the normalization of breastfeeding she experienced in her home growing up, attributing her choice to breastfeeding to her mother and inspiring female relatives. 

Sadsarin also gives a huge, personal shout-out to the beautiful support system she gained while breastfeeding -- all women she wanted to celebrate specifically during this year's Black Breastfeeding Week. "Since motherhood, I have connected with a great group of Black women who support, uplift, and encourage one another through the good and rough times."

Black Breastfeeding Week spans the week of August 25 through August 31 every year. It was created with the sole purpose of supporting and encouraging black women through the unique challenges they face while breastfeeding. The movement seeks to lower the high black infant mortality rate, create more diversity in the field of lactation, and lessen certain cultural barriers that exist between black women and breastfeeding. 

In honor of this week, black breastfeeding moms take to social media to share their stories and participate in outreach for other black mothers. In only its fifth year, Black Breastfeeding Week has served as a sort of safe haven to black breastfeeding mothers in need of guidance and support. 

black breastfeeding moms

Sadsarin's beautiful post proves what we already know: Moms are definitely stronger together. Making an effort to seek out and lend support to your fellow moms can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to something as special as breastfeeding. 

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"To the mamas out there who are on this journey with me I want to say thank you for helping to bridge the gap," she continued. "Thank you for helping to lower our infant mortality rate. Thank you for boosting your little ones' immune systems. Thank you for creating a bond like no other with your babies. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your successes. And a HUGE thank you to all of the Black lactation consultants out there! You ladies ROCK!!"

Phylicia Sadsarin's message is important for moms everywhere, from those celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week to those watching supportingly from the sidelines. Every breastfeeding mom should feel this inspired. Always. 

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