15 Hysterical Snapchats That Make Us Feel Better About Our Own Kid Fails

Image: Imgur


As much as some folks believe cell phones are ruining society, they do bring us one specific source of joy -- something so pure and good that nobody can deny that the mobile phone has become the greatest invention in all of mankind: capturing photos and Snapchats of our kids being completely ridiculous. Admit it, kids are the goofiest and we are just lucky as their parents to witness them in their hilarious splendor.


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Here, we've rounded up some of the funniest and best Snapchat pictures of the things kids have done that make us LOL. And also the moments that make every parent say, "WHHHHYYYY?" -- we've all been there.

Sure we've gotten into our own crazy mishaps and mischief in our day, but just wait for these pictures of little ones gone wild. These photos capture everything from hide-and-go-seek fails to the many everyday disasters caused by the permanent marker. The parents who captured this Snapchat gold aren't just any old parents either -- these are true and brave American heroes.

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So grab a glass of wine and prepare to share all of these pictures with the moms who can commiserate! They're just too good not to share. 


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