10 Mixed Messages About Parenting That Millennial Moms Are Sick of Hearing


This piece originally appeared on Oklahoma City Moms Blog.

I'm a mom of three kids, and I am a millennial. Do I feel like a stereotypical millennial? Nope! In fact, when I told my husband that we are millennials, he didn't believe me and I had to prove it to him via Google. A millennial is typically categorized as someone born between the years of 1982 and 2004.


Now, I'm definitely on the older end of the spectrum. I'm an "old" millennial, if you will. I fall into the same category as people who grew up with smartphones; however, I was raised in the days of landlines and dial-up Internet.

Raising children in this day and age is HARD. It seems like we "old" millennial moms just. can't. win.

We're bombarded with conflicting information, and our parenting choices are scrutinized. One-second judgmental snapshots are posted about our lives everywhere, which makes raising children today a little murky and complicated.

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Raising babies and mom-ing children with the world of information and opinions at our fingertips is risky business. Read through a baby book, chat with your girlfriends, or scroll through a forum about any given topic and you will end up more confused on the subject than when you started.

Without further ado, here are 10 mixed messages that millennial moms are bombarded with on a daily basis:

1. Hop in the picture, mama, but not too many. Geez, you're so narcissistic.

2. Watch your kids closely and constantly. There are tricky people lurking among the aisles of Target. But not too closely. Come on, helicopter mom. Calm down.

3. Get yo'self to playdates. Your kids need to develop social skills the minute they exit the womb. However, children's friendships are too forced these days. Let them make friends organically like when we were kids. Except don't let them ride their bikes or play outside with other kids in the neighborhood. You don't know those kids! Do you even care about your children at all?!

4. Don't worry so much about buying organic food. You grew up on Kraft mac 'n' cheese and you have a refined palate, don't you? But for the love of all, don't feed your children red dye number 9! You fed your baby puffs?!! You. Monster.

5. Rock your mom bod! Be proud of your tiger strips! But not in a bikini. Never. I repeat, never in a bikini.

6. Millennial moms are too child-centric. This is ruining marriages, damaging future generations, and throwing off the Earth's gravitational pull. What? You want "Me Time"? You can't pour from an empty cup? How selfish. Millennials only think about themselves.

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7. Children these days lack discipline! The next generation is unruly! But never tell your children no. Don't use time-outs unless you want to pay for endless years of therapy. You refused to buy your child a toy at Target and now he's CRYING? I'm calling the authorities.

8. Don't forget the sunscreen! Even if you don't go outside, your children should be completely coated in sunscreen. Hello. Sun rays come through the widow. Duh. But there are deadly chemicals in sunscreen so take caution when you use it and only use it sparingly. #knowbetterdobetter

9. Breast is best. You can legally feed your child anywhere! Know your rights. But put those girls away in public if you have any decency at all.

10. Babies do not spoil. Hold them. Rock them. Co-sleep. Except don't. They need to self-soothe.

Ultimately I suppose a lot of these issues are about one thing: balance. So many parenting issues are gray when the world tries to make them black and white.

So my fellow millennial moms, if you're left scratching your head trying to figure out this parenting gig, have confidence in your choices. Ignore the haters and confusing advice and take solace in this one true fact -- YOU, my friend, are an amazing mama.

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