16 Seriously Funny Back-to-School Tweets From Parents Who Can't Wait


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Back-to-school season is a complicated time for parents. On one hand, you feel keenly aware of how quickly time is passing and a little nostalgic about how small your babies used to be. On the other hand, you're ready to pop some bottles because hell yes, summer is almost over! But, before the kids can jet off to their first day, you've got to go clothes shopping, get school supplies, meet the teachers, and plan for the perfect back-to-school photo op. It's stressful AF, and no one captures the mixed emotions of the season quite like the funny parents on Twitter. Here, 16 hilarious tweets that perfectly sum up the chaos (and excitement!) of getting the kids ready to go back to school.

  • 1. It's a process.

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  • 2. Be prepared. Be VERY prepared.

  • 3. Celebrate good times, come on!

  • 4. Sounds about right.

  • 5. So, the kids are gone. Now what?

  • 6. In our dreams.

  • 7. THE HORROR.

  • 8. The final countdown.

  • 9. Truth.

  • 10. New year, new opportunities to humiliate your spawn.

  • 11. I'd like to thank the kids for making this award possible.

  • 12. It's educational screen time, OK?

  • 13. Hazard of the job.

  • 14. Everything is going so well.

  • 15. Blessed are the textbooks.

  • 16. Ain't no party like a post–drop off party.

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