Mom's Post Brilliantly Explains Why You Need to Put Yourself First

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It's not easy to find time for yourself once you have kids. Despite our best efforts to keep our shit together, it doesn't take long for most moms to start rocking dark under-eye circles, a messy bun, and a worn-three-times shirt that feels like it's made up of more dried spit-up than cotton. But nobody -- not even our needy babies -- benefits from our constantly putting ourselves last. And that's why so many people are loving this post by blogger Nicole Snyder that implores all moms to please, take a damn shower and some time for yourself.


Snyder recently shared an adorable Instagram snap of her 1-month-old daughter, Ruby. "Let's talk 4th trimester and self care for a sec," she wrote. "Last night ... I was listening to January Harshe on her podcast. She said some things that resonated with me down to my soul, possibly because of the language. 'Do no harm. Take no shit.' And something along the lines of 'If you're not at the top of your priorities, you're last.'"

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After waking up at 5 a.m. with her three kids, Snyder was more than ready to turn those words into action. She explains that she desperately needed a shower ... so she took one. She didn't ask permission or skip it and opt for the dry shampoo and seven extra swipes of deodorant. She took a shower, a nice long one. She even shaved.

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"Jason [my husband] popped in asking how long I was going to be, and I didn't respond. I was taking this time for myself," she writes. "I couldn't fill anyone else's cup and be the mom/wife they need unless I'm OK. It wasn't selfish to shave my legs and actually wash and repeat with my shampoo. It was necessary."

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When Snyder got out, she says the baby was awake and fussing, but she finished what she needed to do anyway. "I could've scooped her up and forgone the rest of my out-of-the-shower routine, but she was OK. So I laid her on the floor next to me. Did my R+F routine. Combed my hair. Got dressed. THEN I hugged and snuggled and kissed on her," she adds. "I felt human again. Recharged. And she was fine."

The bottom line?

"Fill your cup," writes Snyder. Make yourself a priority. Recharge your battery. Take care of yourself the way you take care of everyone else in your life. It might seem like there's no time for self-care, but make some and do it anyway.

Since Snyder's post went up, it's been liked and shared hundreds of times by moms who are giving it an enthusiastic hell yes. In the chaos of caring for our kids, work, relationships, and everything in between, it's easy to forget yourself. But we matter and we're worth the effort, and Snyder's post is exactly the reminder we needed.

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