Mom's Viral Post Nails Every Reason It's So Important to Have Mom Friends

Gylisa Jayne with child
Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

Not every mom jumps at the chance to exchange numbers with other moms at the playground. Some simply don't want to be bothered with the assumed "baby talk" that happens in mommy groups (and that often makes certain mommies run from fellow tribe members like the plague). But Gylisa Jayne's heartfelt post about the importance of mommy friends is a must-read that will make you think twice about shutting out fellow moms.


"I didn't want 'Mummy Friends.' Until I realised that no one else would understand me like they did," Jayne, a UK mom and blogger, writes in her honest Facebook post.

Prior to becoming a mom, Gylisa had preconceived notions about what makes for a "mom friend" that left her saying "thanks but no thanks" to the idea of hanging with fellow mommies.

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"I didn't want to sit in noisy soft plays, or talk about different coloured sh*t," Jayne reveals in her post. "I didn't want to have knowledge about best nappy brands, or know exactly how many fanny stitches we all had."

But the funny thing about life is that you never know what you need until you're in a situation -- and that left Gylisa singing a different tune after the birth of her child.

Mom with child
Gylisa Jayne/Facebook

"The network I should have had, simply wasn't there," the mom describes in her Facebook post.

She continues:

"My midwives were too busy, I hadn't met any of them twice. 
My Health Visitor was a vanishing woman -- still talking about phone numbers and triages and children's centres I'd never heard of as she walked herself out. Never to be seen again.

"Then there was my partner. My chosen mate. The first love of my life. The man that knew what I needed before I did. Only he didn't understand me anymore. He was trying to figure out his Dad Role. He didn't understand why I was crying about putting the kettle in the fridge. He didn't know why I'd forgotten to take the parcels to the post office. He didn't know why I had no love left over for him."

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It's easy to write off other moms -- thinking you'll talk about kids 24/7 or be judged for the brand of sippy cups you use -- but the truth is, we need someone in our lives who understands the struggles of motherhood.

As this mom says, mommy (or "mummy") friends are:

"The ones that had been there, done that. The ones that were fumbling through for the first time -- just like me. The ones who had had every argument you can imagine with their husband. The ones proving you didn't need to lose yourself along the way. That you'll find a new you as you go. The ones who needed me just as much as I needed them."

Needless to say, Gylisa's eyes have been opened to the warmth and significance of having moms in her corner who change her life for the better.

"There's no clique, just women loving women -- despite what you might have heard," Jayne mentions in her Facebook post. She concludes: "So I didn't want 'Mummy Friends' ... I needed them."

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