Mom Shows Off Her Dust Bunnies to Remind Us There's More to Life Than Having a Clean House

Dust bunnies
 Suburban Sh*t Show: Tales from the Tree-Lined Trenches/Facebook

If you're reading this, chances are you're a tired mom who's trying to keep up with the ever-growing pile of dishes in the sink and dirty laundry that needs washing -- all while praying to the high heavens no one decides to randomly drop by your unkempt house. Motherhood can be maddening at times, which is why Nicole Johnson's inspiring message about a clean home not equating to being a good mom is truly must-read material -- and the extra boost of encouragement we need to get through the day.


"People used to always comment on how clean my house was," Johnson writes in her Facebook post on her page, Suburban Sh*t Show: Tales From the Tree-Lined Trenches. "What they didn't see was the lunatic who stressed to get it that way."

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Like many of us, this mom-of-four grew up in a home where orderliness was law. "I spent every Saturday cleaning while my friends went out," she continues in her post. "I carried the importance of a clean house with me into motherhood."

But with more kids and less time to focus on keep everything perfect and in its place, the stay-at-home mom had a life-changing revelation that enabled her to embrace dirt and clutter instead of fussing over it.

Dirt ball
Suburban Sh*t Show: Tales From the Tree-Lined Trenches

"Here is a picture of my house," Johnson shares in her Facebook post. "It is a corner filled with dust that I forgot about while hanging with the kids this summer. I kind of like it."

While the thought of sharing pics of dirt balls on social media for all to see might make you cringe, for Nicole, it's liberating and reflects the decision she made to live life in the moment instead of chasing after perfection.

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"I could spend every second ignoring the kids, ignoring my writing, ignoring my life and obsessing over it," the mom reveals in her Facebook post.

She continues:

"I have decided not to. I don't want the stress or the pressure. I wouldn't have people over if the house didn't shine. My kids would miss visits because of my hang up. So now, you are welcome in our house whenever. Ignore the dust, or don't. It doesn't matter. I'm okay with it. Our house is not a museum. No house with kids or pets should be. I grew up in a house like that. Where you couldn't play, or touch certain things.

".... It made me uncomfortable growing up in a place I feared getting dirty. A little dirt is good for the immune system, and the soul. Dirt means we are living. It means we feel comfortable. So what if you have a few dishes in the sink? So what if the laundry sits in a pile on a chair, or you've forgotten it in the washer...again?"


Aside from being real and unashamed AF, Nicole's post struck a major chord with parents who desperately needed this testimony.

"This is eye opening for me, as I am currently one of those crazy 'it needs to be perfect' wife [and] mothers," one Facebook commenter admits. 

One mom even stopped cleaning -- in the very manner Nicole describes in her post! -- to take pause and reflect.

"Took a break from frantically cleaning before people come to read this ... deep breath, it's hitting me hard," she writes in response. "Didn't make the connection to worthiness before. The yelling, the frantic, and the avoiding ... all my story. Wow."

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While this mom is certainly not advocating that anyone allows his or her home to turn into a landfill, Nicole simply challenges us to keep calm and carry on to focus on what's really important.

As she says, "Life is short. Messes are constant. Time with your kids is fleeting. Enjoy it." 

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