Real Moms Speak Out About Being Judged in Raw Photo Series

real mom photo series
Natalie McCain Photography

Photographer Natalie McCain makes work that is both inspiring and crushing. This Florida mother of two has made headlines in the past for the "Honest Body Project," a series of portraits of real mothers' bodies that aren't photoshopped, airbrushed, or perfect. But in her latest series, "Speaking Out: A Series on Judgment and Being Shamed," it's the heartbreaking and real stories behind the photographs that are getting the attention.


Speaking with CafeMom, McCain said of the project, "One of the most important things I have learned since beginning of 'The Honest Body Project' is that you truly never know what someone else has been through." 

Some women in the series were shamed for giving birth while overweight; others, for being too skinny. The most common story, however, is that each of these women was told by somebody else that she wasn't good enough.

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