15 Moms' Secrets for Making Time for Their Personal Passions

woman painting

Once upon a time, I had hobbies. Reading was always my number one, but I also loved to scrapbook and paint, and I was even learning how to sew. Now, I don't have hobbies. I have children. 


Between working full time and dealing with two kids, I've gotten seriously out of the habit of carving out time for myself. Somehow I find time to get the kids to birthday parties, swim lessons, soccer practice, and playdates, but my stack of books that I want to read is now taller than my 9-year-old, and my sewing machine has dust on it. 

So how do other moms manage to find time for themselves to do the things they love? I found out. These are some totally doable ideas that prove I just might learn to sew yet!

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