The Essential Summer Family Experience Bucket List

Before you—and your kids—start stressing over back-to-school logistics, make sure you’ve wrung every bit of fun out of summer. How many of these 50 quintessential summertime activities will your family do this year? Remember, even if some are a bit of a splurge, when you pay using your BuyPower Card from Capital One, you’ll also be racking up earnings toward a new GM vehicle – a win/win!



1. Serve ice cream for dinner (or heck, why not breakfast?). Go all out with several flavors and a variety of toppings.
2. Roast wieners on a stick over an open fire. Follow them with s’mores, of course.
3. Set up a lemonade stand. Let the kids choose a local charity to receive the proceeds.
4. Eat watermelon—the kind with seeds—and have a seed-spitting contest.
5. Go strawberry picking, eat as many as you can, and bring more home for strawberry shortcake.
6. Make mini-popsicles with fruit juice, ice cube trays, and toothpicks.
7. Let the kids plan and cook dinner. Parents get cleanup duty.
8. Have a hot dog-eating contest.
9. Bake a pie. Heck, bake several.


10. Watch the sun rise. We don’t mean just be awake at that hour—actually watch it, together.
11. Spend a day screen-free, as a family.
12. Try a new-to-you physical activity. Family trapeze lessons, maybe?
13. Go sightseeing locally. Every town has at least one attraction!
14. Take the kids puddle-jumping on a rainy summer day. Bonus points for going barefoot.
15. Play in the sprinklers.
16. Have a water balloon (or water gun) battle. Divide your family into teams, or invite the whole neighborhood.
17. Spend the day at a water park, splashing down twisty slides.
18. Visit at least one beach, river, or lake. If it’s available, try parasailing!
19. Wander the grounds at the county fair, visiting the animals, riding the Ferris wheel, playing games of chance, and eating fried food.
20. Play mini-golf.
21. Build something together around the house—a tree fort, a fire pit, a dog house.
22. Go Geocaching—use your phone’s GPS to go on a hunt for hidden treasure.
23. Ride your bikes to explore a new neighborhood.
24. Grab your rods and go fishing.
25. Attend a minor-league baseball game.
26. Search for four-leaf clovers.
27. Lie in the grass and look for images in the clouds.
28. Go bird-watching in the park.
29. Attend a small-town parade.
30. Take a hike, or just a walk in the woods.
31. Hop in the car and go on a road trip, even if it’s just for the day.
32. Watch the sun set.


33. Take the kids to an arcade. (Don’t forget earplugs for yourselves.)
34. See who can read the most books in one week.
35. Visit the library for more books.
36. Teach your crew how to bake cookies.
37. Go bowling.
38. Assemble a giant jigsaw puzzle together.
39. Plan out a scavenger hunt at a local museum.
40. Give the kids sketchpads and become their live model.
41. Make a birdfeeder with peanut butter and birdseed.


42. Take flashlights to the beach for a night-time picnic. Spread out towels and gaze up at the stars.
43. Sleep outdoors, even if it’s just the backyard.
44. Chase fireflies.
45. Hang a white sheet on the side of the house and host your own “drive-in” movie.
46. Have a family game night.
47. Attend an outdoor concert in the park.
48. Skip enforced bedtimes, just for one night.
49. Throw a glow-stick dance party.
50. Watch fireworks, as often as you can.

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