16 Hilarious Vacation Fails That Make Staying Home Seem Awesome

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In theory, vacations are awesome. You get a nice break from the daily grind plus lots of family togetherness, ideally in some lovely or fun location. But let's be real, sometimes there's no relaxing at all on a family vacation. In fact, sometimes these trips are nothing but a hot mess, especially when kids are involved -- and, well, by the definition of "family vacation," they always are. 


I love a good family vacation disaster story, especially when it's one that didn't happen to me. That's why I asked some friends to share their biggest, most awful vacation fails of all time. Do most of these stories involve travel with kids? Yes. Is poop involved in at least three of them? Obviously. Because no one ever forgets to pack the stomach bug. Amiright?

From forgotten kids in gas stations and pet resurrections to triple-X hotel rooms and that long road trip in which Dad decides to share with you about his other family you didn't know existed, these crazy hair-raising vacation stories will have you canceling your family trips from now until 2027. Honestly, who ever said any of these was a good idea?

Warning: Reading the rest of this may make you decide that the staycation is the way to go! Or better yet, you might just decide to keep "relaxing" at work. 

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