Mom's Honest Post Nails Why We Should Never Judge Another Parent

Laura Mazza and child

Nothing can truly prepare you for motherhood. There will be ups and downs, victories and defeat, and times when you won't know what the hell to do. But all of us are doing our best, and we need to be reminded of this, as it's way too easy for us moms to become our own worst critics. Luckily, we have fierce mamas like Laura Mazza, whose now-viral message reminding us to stop mom-shaming each other is must-read material that deserves to be in every new mom's parenting welcome packet.


"Every mother has her own story," Mazza writes on her Facebook page. "She has walked down a tough path. You don't know her challenges, her strengths, her weaknesses ... Her life, you don't know any of it."

Laura Mazza Mum on the Run
Laura Mazza/Facebook

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Mazza, a mom of two and the voice behind the Mum on the Run blog, is so over how quick moms are to throw stones at each other and decided to speak up for the sake of unity and sisterhood.

"If I complain about my children, don't say I don't love them. If I say how perfect they are, don't tell me I'm too braggy. You don't see the hours I spend holding and loving them. If I'm honest about motherhood, don't say I'm ranting. You didn't see how many years I couldn't tell anyone how I felt because I was afraid."

Laura also touches on other hurdles mothers face that stir up instant judgment, like daring to pick up fast food for their hungry kids:

"You don't know that she's too exhausted to cook, that she wanted to keep her kids happy and get out of the house for a treat. You don't know her struggles. She could grow an organic vegetable farm for all you know."

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Or, having the nerve to breastfeed in public:

"You don't know if today was the day she finally got the confidence to do it. You don't know how hard she's worked to keep that breastfeeding going. Don't belittle the act of a mother feeding her baby."

Or, using formula:

"Don't call her lazy. You don't know if she struggled for months on end trying to make it work. You didn't see her go to lactation consultants, eat lactation cookies. Spend money on lip ties and a pediatrician. You didn't see her journey."

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And, just when you think you can't praise this mama enough for her zero-f*cks attitude, Laura addresses the holy war of motherhood that needs to come to an end, once and for all: the war between stay-at-home and working moms.

"Don't judge the mum who works, she's making a living for her child," Mazza snaps in her response. "Don't judge the mum who stays home, she's doing the job of 20 for no pay."

Absolutely brilliant.

Whether you've been guilty of judging a fellow mom for being on her phone or scolding her kid in public -- or you're "guilty" of committing a few motherhood no-no's yourself -- Laura's post has something for everyone, as it speaks to all the issues moms use as arrows against each other, when really we're all just women trying our hardest to raise our children in the best way we know how.

Face it: Motherhood is not a walk in the park. And moms need a sister to embrace or a shoulder to cry on, not criticism for falling short of perfection. 

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As Mazza says in her post, moms judge themselves enough every day, "so rather than judging, lend a smile to her, cut up her food when she breastfeeds, warm up the kettle for her formula, reassure her in her struggles and praise her victories ... and remember before you criticize, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes."

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