11 Things Moms Know They'll Be Judged for -- but They're Doing Anyway

Kelly Bryant | Jun 22, 2017 Being a Mom
11 Things Moms Know They'll Be Judged for -- but They're Doing Anyway
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Mom-shaming has been a thing long before there was an actual term for it. Despite the better efforts of those open-minded moms out there, we continue to be judged by some for the choices we make for our kids. But are we going to let societal pressures break us? These moms say no way.

Let's face it, we all have our moments. Whether they're out in full view or in the privacy of our own homes, we make parenting decisions we know would get us the side eye from someone. And, assuming no one is in actual danger, that's totally okay. No one is perfect all the time. 

We asked moms to reveal the parenting choices they know they're judged for ... but they vow to keep doing anyway.

  • Not Rushing the Toddler Milestones

    Potty Predicament

    "I am not pushing potty training, drinking out of a non–sippy cup without spilling it everywhere, or transitioning to a toddler bed (my daughter is almost 2½). Honestly, as for the crib situation, she could be in it until kindergarten if she still fits. She's been an excellent sleeper since she was 2 months old and I am not giving that up just yet!" – Lauren B.

  • Letting a Child Wear Makeup

    mom panting daughter nails

    "I let my 5-year-old wear makeup to school. She has fun doing it. It's not about beauty standards for her -- it's like creating an art project every day. But we definitely get a lot of negative looks from other parents." -- Josie K.

  • Allowing a Kid to Go Veggie-Free

    kid eating pizza

    "I don't make an issue out of food. Everyone tells me, 'He'll eat when he's hungry,' or, 'You mean he doesn't eat fruits and veggies at all?' No. He doesn't. And believe me, it's not for lack of trying. So we get him grilled cheese, calzone, pancakes, or mozzarella sticks and keep modeling healthy eating habits in hopes that one day he will branch out." -- Meridith D. 

  • Sending Kids to Private School

    happy boy wearing backpack

    "We took our sons out of our local public school and sent them to private. We had a lot of judgment from neighbors who thought we were being snobby, that the local school wasn't good enough. We had our reasons for putting the kids into private school but it was still hurtful." -– Erica L.

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  • Getting Ice Cream From the Truck

    little girl eating ice cream outside on the grass

    "I seem to be the only parent in Atlanta to get my kid ice cream from the ice cream truck at the park. I see the other parents looking in disgust, 'How could I ruin dinner or get ice cream in front of their precious non-ice cream eating child?' I just smile." -- Deanna S.

  • Co-Sleeping

    family co-sleeping

    "I let my son sleep with me until he was about 8 years old. I still haven't heard the end of it." -- Jane F.

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  • Letting Kids Dress Themselves

    Clothes Call
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    "My kids are allowed to wear whatever they want. We get a lot of stares." -- Angela G.

  • Getting Fast Food

    girl eating hamburger

    "I'm pretty sure I do it all wrong but the worst thing is ... fast food! Yes, we actually do eat fast food sometimes. When I'm running from school to sports, dance, or other activities, it works for us." -- Monica B.

  • Choosing Tablets Over Tantrums

    boys laughing on tablet

    "My kids play on tablets at restaurants. They can't have them until after they order for themselves, clearly telling the waiter what they want and asking for any special requests (i.e., no powdered sugar, no garnish, etc.). Once they order, they can play on them until their food comes." -- Tara R.

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  • Letting Kids Stay Up Late

    family at night reading story on bed

    "I let my kids stay up late, even on school nights. I work long hours and I wouldn't get to spend any time with them if it weren't for allowing them to stay up later than most other kids. That family time is important, and the kids still bounce out of bed at 6 a.m." -- Jennifer S.

  • Homeschooling

    child doing schoolwork

    "I homeschool my kids. Random people judge me for that all of the time." -- Renee S.

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