What to Do When Someone You Love Shames You for Your Parenting Style

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One of the first lessons you learn as a mom is that everyone -- no, seriously, EVERYONE -- has an opinion about how you should parent. It can feel like no matter what parenting choice you make, someone is going to think you're doing it wrong. 


It can be easier to brush off the shaming from strangers, like every single little old lady who scolded me for not putting socks on my baby. In June. In Arizona. (Okay, maybe I'm still a little annoyed about that.)

But what can be harder to shake off is when your mom-style gets judged or shamed by someone you love and trust. I talked to 15 moms who felt the sting of loved ones snarking on their parenting choices and how they tried to bounce back. Check out some serious cases of judgy mother-in-laws, sisters, and friends -- and how women handled them.

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