Tiff the Barbie Is the 'Perfect' Instagram Mom We All Love to Hate

mom barbie instagram

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. We love it because it gives us a unique window into the lives of our friends and favorite celebs. But we hate it because of how damn inadequate it can make us feel. There's always that one friend with the perfectly dressed kids, the epic pregnancy announcements, and the couch that is somehow spotlessly white even though her toddler is sitting on it eating a fudge pop (seriously, how is that possible??). But even they probably can't keep up with the newest "perfect" mom on the 'Gram: Tiff the Barbie.

  • Tiff is the quintessential millennial mom in doll form.

    She has two perfect children, a doting husband (Ken, duh!), over 11,000 followers, abs of steel plastic, and -- as evidenced by this photo of her perfect baby bump, adorbz bikini, and trendy doughnut float -- a life that is basically flawless.

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  • In reality, Tiff is the brainchild of an anonymous Instagrammer who says they "wanted to create a picture-perfect life with Barbie."

    tiff the barbie instagram

    "When I started the account I wasn't planning to give her such a fun life or family," the creator tells Babble. "But I just kept getting ideas along the way!"

    Before long, Tiff's Instagram had amassed over 700 images and become the hippest, most adorable parody of #momlife ever.

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  • Tiff has mastered the art of the perfect baby announcement.

    To-die-for shoes? Check. Hipster-chic reclaimed wood background? Check. Adorable chalk drawings? Check, check, and check.

    Don't hate; they woke up like this.

  • She even had her own next-level gender reveal.

  • And you know she couldn't skimp on her daughter's first birthday shoot.

  • I think that little Barbie cake is more elegant than the first birthday cake I bought for my actual, human daughter.

  • The thing that makes Tiff's Instagram antics so addictive is how familiar they feel to us.

    We all know this mom. Maybe you are this mom -- or, at least, you strive to be and then feel bad whenever you can't get your shit together.

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  • Tiff is, for better or worse, a snapshot (or 700+ snapshots) of what many people expect motherhood to be.

    She's all cute outfits, perfect poses, and grand adventures. She's the poster child for "having it all" -- just like so many real-life Instagram moms try to be.

  • But maybe the best thing about Tiff is that she shows how unattainable perfection really is.

    After all, if a Barbie doll can so perfectly emulate the real-life expectations we have for moms and motherhood, maybe it's fair to say those expectations were pretty bogus in the first place.

  • Either way, there's no denying Tiff the Barbie has some serious Instagram game.