12 Parenting Choices We'd Get Shamed For -- but Our Moms Never Were

Kelly Bryant | Jun 19, 2017 Being a Mom

kids in car

How many times have you heard your own mother or grandmother say something to the effect of, "We never did that for you kids." It could pertain to anything -- car safety, healthy snacks, baby-proofing -- you name it. 

If you remember back to your own childhood (through that foggy mom brain of yours), we had a lot more independence and fewer rules with which to contend. That's not to say the heightening of car safety and other protective regulations aren't incredibly important, it's just different from "the old days." 

We asked moms to share the now-controversial practices of parenting generations past -- those things that were once accepted but we'd be totally judged for now. Seriously, how many forms of sunscreen do you currently carry in your purse or diaper bag? I have five.