8 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Traveling Without Her Kids

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iStock.com/YakobchukOlenaTraveling before you were a mom was a hassle at times, but now? Let's just say that by the end of a vacation with your kids, you're ready for, well, a vacation -- and you can't remember why you ever complained about flying solo! Sooner or later, though, the day comes when you get to go on a trip all by yourself. And whether it's for business or pleasure, the experience is bound to feel a little strange at first ... until you realize it's actually sort of amazing!


These are just a few of the thoughts that are sure to go through your head the first time you go on a trip without your kids.

1. "My carry-on bag is so much lighter without a toy giraffe, various LEGO bricks, bags of Goldfish crackers/Cheerios/fruit snacks, a container of wipes, and an extra change of kid clothes!"

Usually, leaving the house for more than an hour or two at a time means bringing enough provisions to keep a small army of children alive and tantrum-free. Who knew packing light was so much better for your back?

2. "So this is what it's like to choose a movie I actually want to see ... and watch the whole thing from start to finish!"

You'd sort of forgotten that there were movies out there without talking animals and/or vehicles -- and that it's possible to watch one without being interrupted every five minutes to answer questions about talking animals and/or vehicles.

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3. "Oh no, a baby is crying! Oh wait, it's not my problem!"

There's nothing like the sweet relief of hearing those all-too familiar shrieks and realizing it's somebody else's child that's disturbing your fellow passengers' peace. Luckily, you're so used to the sound of screaming that it doesn't bother you one bit! Just pop in those earbuds and get back to that movie.

4. "Sure, I'll have another glass of wine!"

When you're flying with kids, you've got to stay on point. When you're flying solo, however, you can go ahead and "calm your nerves" all you want!

5. "Wait, what do they mean I have to turn my cell phone off? What if one of my kids falls off the jungle gym while I'm in the air?"

As a mom, you try to be reachable at all times when your kids aren't with you, which is why you're normally within arm's reach of a ready-to-dial cell phone -- but the rules of air travel must be obeyed! Plus, it's not like you'd be able to do much troubleshooting from the plane.

6. "There sure is a lot of room in this airplane bathroom without a squirmy toddler."

Okay, maybe there's not so much room. But there's definitely a lot MORE room than if your kid was with you. And it's nice not to have try to keep anybody's hands out of the garbage while you're trying to pee.

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7. "Oh well, flight's delayed. No biggie!"

If you had your little ones in tow, being forced to spend another hour sitting at the gate would send you straight into panic attack mode. But since it's just you and that book you've been dying to read for months (years?), who cares?

8. Zzzzzzz

Let's face it: The one thing a mom is most likely to do with downtime (particularly when she's forced to sit down for more than a minute or two) is sleep. Even if you used to be too nervous to nod off on planes before you had kids, you'll probably sleep now. Travel anxiety is no match for the kind of exhaustion that comes with not having slept a full night in years!

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