The 16 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week


Everything changes once you become a parent -- and not just in the adorable, "life is so much sweeter now" kind of way. Sure, kids are cute, but they also bring huge messes, utter exhaustion, and random bodily fluids (yikes) -- and they make almost everything you do just a little bit harder.


Being a parent never really gets easier, but it helps if you at least have a good sense of humor. That's why we love the hilarious moms and dads on Twitter. Every week, they sum up the funniest, most annoying, and most WTF parts of being a parent in 140 characters or less. Here, a collection of the funniest parenting tweets we scrolled past this week.

1. The official parenting script.

2. Pretty much.

3. Tantrum or Satanic posession? Who can be sure?

4. Treat yo' self dolls.

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5. It was fun while it lasted.

6. It's a conspiracy.

7. You're gonna need some ice for that burn.

8. Parenting, day one.

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9. Everything is sticky.

10. So meaningful.

11. It's important to be thorough.

12. Seriously, what's up with that?

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13. Um, same.

14. Blood is thicker than water, but not frozen sugar water.

15. Rain: making life harder for parents since effing always.

16. Damn.


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