Babies Are the Grossest Humans & These Photos Prove It

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There's never a dull moment in a parent's life. From dealing with impromptu tantrums better than a UN negotiator, to mimicking zombies from The Walking Dead due to sleepless nights, moms and dads have done and seen it all -- including gag-worthy sh*t that deserves to be a challenge on Fear Factor. So when mom Desirae Robles shared a truly priceless photo of her baby's projectile spit-up, it inspired other parents to share their own stomach-turning pics that show how real and messy the struggle is.


Robles, a Texas resident and mother of daughter Addelina, couldn't help but share a side-by-side photo of her baby girl's puking aftermath on Twitter that's pretty gross and so freaking relatable.

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"It didn't bother me," the mom tells BuzzFeed News. "She's my daughter." Even Larry Estrada, Desirae's boyfriend and father to Addelina, couldn't help but laugh when he first received the pic. "I love that she was calm enough to take a photo," Dad mentions to BuzzFeed News.

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Obviously, this mom's baby puke pic is less than appetizing, but it surprisingly turned into an invitation for other moms and dads to share similar undesirable encounters with their own children ...

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... including those oh so wonderful bowel movements ...

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... that get EVERYWHERE!

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... And would make even the strongest person run away in fear.

(Now that's some sh*t!)

Desirae's photo also sparked comments of support and understanding from other parents who've experienced and survived their baby's "liquid gifts."

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Others couldn't help but tip their hats to the mom for having a strong enough tummy to deal with a yucky situation.

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And some people apparently didn't get the point of this mom's "dumb joke."

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As Desirae says, when you become a mother "things like this happen, and you can't be upset" -- so why not take a pic and laugh at a messy situation?

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