Honest Cartoons Capture the Hot Mess That Is New Motherhood

funny mom cartoons
Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries

Pregnancy and new motherhood are unlike anything else a woman may have experienced up until those points. When you're in the thick of both, sometimes maintaining a sense of humor offers the best chance for survival. Illustrator Ingebritt ter Veld and Corinne de Vries, who works for birth announcement purveyor Hippe-Geboortekaartjes, joined forced to create hilarious cartoons that mimic real-life scenarios expectant and new moms experience all too frequently. 

You know the old phrase "misery loves company"? These illustrations let you know you're not alone in the funniest possible way. These moms came up with the idea after commiserating after having their first babies. So they know what they're talking (or joking) about!

Take a look and prepare to LOL. 

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