17 Moms Confess How They Knew They Were Done Having Kids

Liz Alterman | Jun 1, 2017 Being a Mom

Mom with kids

Some women rejoice at the thought of having a large family, while others are happy to say "one and done!" But how do you know when your family is complete? We asked moms in the CafeMom community and beyond to share when they knew they were done having kids. Remember, the only person who can decide what the right number of kids is for her family is the mom. It can be hard to take tell people that bigger is not always better. While some were beyond ready to say good-bye to diapers, others, sadly, had their decisions made for them due to medical and fertility issues. No matter what, these moms made decisions that were right for them, not based on what others thought was right. 

Pregnancy is personal. And honestly, so is each and every mother's parenting journey. While some of us are perfectly content with the "one and done" plan, other moms are huge fans of having a large family, and the sky is the limit when it comes to how many children they'd like to have. But isn't that what is so wonderful about parenthood? We all have our own preferences for what our ideal families look like, and our differences make us individual and unique.

Take a look at some of the responses these moms shared and see if any align with your own thoughts about family. 

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