11 Moms Reveal the One Morning Ritual They'll Never Ever Skip

Kelly Bryant | May 31, 2017 Being a Mom
11 Moms Reveal the One Morning Ritual They'll Never Ever Skip
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Even for the earliest of risers, mornings as a mom are tough. Between getting the cavalry out of bed and fed, not to mention packing lunches and choosing the day's clothes, it can feel as though families never get out the door on time. Finding even two minutes of downtime for mom to catch her breath probably sounds like a pipe dream. But these moms are living proof that some "me-time" morning rituals are nonnegotiable.

Whether they're savoring a cup of coffee or carving out time for a heart-pumping spin class, 11 moms reveal the one thing they simply can't start their day without.

  • Work It Out

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    "I need my 5:30 a.m. boot camp class. My friends think I'm crazy but there's something about knowing that if I can get through a set of burpees before the sun comes up, I can literally do anything else throughout my day." -- Christine S.

  • Tea Time

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    "Tea. Even while pregnant, I am cheating with just a little caffeine. A cup of tea is so relaxing." -- Carmen C.

  • Phone Fix

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    "I check my horoscope, Facebook, email, and bank account on my phone every morning before I even get out of bed to pee. It makes me feel like I have some knowledge to get started with the day." -- Lauren B.

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  • Power Up

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    "Coffee and breakfast. I don't remember the last time I skipped them -- 2002, maybe? It gives me energy to start my day and makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself, which tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. Drinking coffee is also sometimes the only slow, meditative event I do all day." -- Julia M.

  • Brain Boost

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    "Aside from essential oils that I put on first thing, I get up earlier than my kids so I have at least 30 minutes of brain wake-up time before the questions and rants begin. I do yoga, stretch, or just sit and look on social media but it's 30 minutes of me time before the storm hits." -- Chenoa S.

  • Breakfast Bonanza

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    "My husband makes a hot breakfast almost every day ... you read that correctly. And we eat together with our daughter." -- Lyndsy H.

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  • Mom Talk

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    "I talk to my mom. She lives across the country, so we're three hours behind in time. I talk to her for 20 minutes, and it's just a nice, comforting way to begin my day." -- Jen R.

  • Spin Cycle

    Spin Cycle

    "I do a spin class before I take the kids to school and go to work. I am so not a morning person but I found that forcing myself to get up for that blast of cardio really helps my mood for the day." -- Ellen T.

  • Snuggle Time

    mom child snuggling

    "I won't give up cuddling with my kids for an extra 10 minutes in the morning. I haven't needed an alarm clock in years because they both are early risers, but I love when they crawl into our bed in the morning. We snuggle up for a bit." – Heather J.

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  • Hit the Road

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    "I take a walk around my neighborhood every morning and listen to either a podcast or an audio self-help book. It gives me inspiration and a little kick in the butt." -- Kate M.

  • Mirror, Mirror

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    "I'm probably going to get heat for this but for me, it's doing my makeup. It's the single-most part of my day when I do something for myself and I love it. There's something really calming about applying my foundation, blush, etc. I think about my day ahead and try to strategize." -- Casey H.

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