11 Real Moms' Hacks for Crazy Mornings When Everyone's Running Late

Kelly Bryant | May 19, 2017 Being a Mom
11 Real Moms' Hacks for Crazy Mornings When Everyone's Running Late
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kid brushing teeth

Getting out the door on time in the morning may not have been easy even in your swingin' single days, but now that you have kids, it's like a timed obstacle course. Kids need dressing, lunch boxes require filling, teeth need brushing, not to mention you've got to get yourself together. It can feel like the day is already stacked against you. 

But what about those mornings when someone oversleeps, or they can't find their gym clothes, or some other time-suck happens? You've got to create some kind of go-to shortcut, sacrifice, or swap to get everyone where they need to go when they need to get there. 

We get it because we've all been there. There isn't a mom on this planet, no matter how organized, who hasn't experienced the agony of a morning routine gone awry. Fortunately, our fellow mamas are here to help. We asked 11 moms to reveal their backup plan in the event of a crazy morning ... and their ideas are so doable.

  • Brush Rush

    girl brushing teeth

    "I have toothbrushes and toothpaste stashed in my car in case we hit the road and realize the kids missed that step of the routine in our mad dash out the door." -- Carly L.

  • Wet Hair Day

    Wet Hair

    "If I'm short on time, I leave with wet hair. It dries ... eventually." -- Jennifer V.

  • Car Chaos

    little girl smiling in car

    "I've thrown the kids in the car while still in their jammies and changed their clothes in the parking lot of preschool or day care before we go in. At that point, they know mommy means business." -- Savannah M.

  • Race the Clock

    kid putting on sweater
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    "My emergency routine involves making everything into a speed race. I'll say, 'Yesterday you put your clothes on in 10 seconds; let's make it eight seconds today.' Usually my kids like the idea of a competition -- even if it's against themselves from what I say they did the day before -- and actually move it." -- Colleen S.

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  • Morning Joe

    Morning Joe

    "Rushed mornings mean drive-thru coffee for me. It also means I'm really grumpy until I've been handed that cup." -- Lauren B.

  • Style File

    clothes hangers shoes

    "I have an emergency outfit already put together in my closet for those mornings. It's nothing special but it's there on those days when I don't have the time or patience to put something cute together. I wear it more than I want to admit." -- Erin R.

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  • Time Is Money

    kids school lunch

    "When we're in a rush, I skip making the kids' lunches and tell them to buy it at school. I have money in their school lunch accounts in case of emergencies." -- Catie M.

  • Lunch Sack Hack

    apple lunch

    "When we're running crazy late and lunches haven't been made, I'll drop the kids off at school, run to a deli for sandwiches, then run back to drop them off. It's a pain but the kids have to eat, and they're picky so school lunch isn't really an option." -- Kayla C.

  • If the Shoe Fits

    untied red shoes

    "We keep an extra pair of sneakers in the garage, so if I say it's time to go and their shoes aren't on, the kids can just grab them on the way to the car." -- Jamie D. 

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  • Eat and Run

    kid eating in car

    "My girls eat breakfast in the car. Choices are frozen french toast sticks or waffles, or those little bags of pancakes. Not the healthiest but great for eating on the go with minimal mess. Beyond that, it's mass chaos." -- Monica B.

  • Tea Time

    woman driving with coffee cup
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    "Sanity is sacrificed on rushed mornings. I eat breakfast at work and drink green tea in the car on the way." -- Prudence J. 

back to school breakfast

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