The 16 Funniest Tweets About Mother's Day

Mothers Day Tweets

Mother's Day: It's that one special day a year when you finally get recognized for all the little things you do -- the laundry; the dishes; the drop-offs; the bedtime stories; the cleaning poop off surfaces where poop should never ever be found, ever (you hear me, kids?). We're supposed to get a break on Mother's Day, but let's be real: It usually involves just as many tantrums, sibling fights, and messes as any other day. The only difference is you get brunch! And greeting cards!


In honor of keeping it real on your special day, we rounded up 16 of the funniest tweets (from moms!) that capture the truest, most hilarious, and most WTF parts of being a mom on Mother's Day.

1. Listen to your mother.

2. It's like every other day ... but festive!

3. For that price, the photo better be included.

4. My money's on 8:30 a.m.

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5. At least it's honest.

6. Sleep, I hardly know thee.

7. Moms have complex needs, okay?

8. You're #1 ... out of one.

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9. A solid plan.

10. Do that thing I like.

11. Is that so much to ask?

12. Another thing to put on the fridge? You shouldn't have!

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13. *Chills*

14. Tesla, if you can make self-driving cars, you can make this possible.

15. No surprises here.

16. A mom can dream.

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