16 Words You Didn't Know Before You Became a Mom

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iStock.com/Anatoliy Babiy

As we continue to get older (yay fun thought!), our vocabularies get bigger. With ongoing news cycles, cultural experiences, and technological innovations, new words become an acceptable part of the English language. Think: bigly, selfie, and -- you guys -- even an emoticon has made its way into the Oxford Dictionary. But nothing quite compares to the vocab lesson that comes with motherhood.


When I first started learning about this, that, and the other thing as it related to parenting and "mom-stuff," I had Google on metaphorical speed dial just so I could understand what the eff I was reading!

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what half these words mean, I'd think, as I skimmed my parenting books and trolled my Facebook groups. Turns out, I wasn't. Here are 16 words that you probably didn't know until you had kids...

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