21 Spot-On Cartoons That Capture Those WTF Parenting Moments

Tanvier Peart | May 3, 2017 Being a Mom
21 Spot-On Cartoons That Capture Those WTF Parenting Moments

Lunarbaboon parenting comic

The life of a parent is never dull (like, ever). There are ups, downs, and situations so wacky and out there, no one would believe we didn't rip our story from a TV show -- unless, of course, said person is a parent. If only there was some way to capture the hilarity and horror that comes with the parenting territory, so expectant moms and dads have a glimpse of what to expect, and those already enjoying the fruits of raising little ones realize they aren't alone. Well, folks, there actually is.

Chris Grady is a father of two, husband, and mastermind behind the Lunarbaboon web comic series that flawlessly illustrates all of life's struggles, joys, and WTF moments that come with being a parent. Following a boy named Moishe, his baby sister Matilda, and an easygoing mom, Lunarbaboon documents life as a parent from a father's perspective -- and has since been turned into a page-turning book called Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood.

Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood
Chris Grady/Amazon

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CafeMom recently caught up with Chris, who reveals how Lunarbaboon came about and what he hopes other parents can take away from his comics.

"I was dealing with some serious anxiety and depression and the comic started as a form of therapy," Grady tells CafeMom. "The idea was that I would take things that were stressing me out and try and find the humor in them. It turned out that a lot of what stressed me out was parenting, which is why so many of my comics focused on me as a father. I hope other parents who are struggling with parenthood get the message that they are not alone. That life with kids can be hard, but it comes with many rewards."

Each of Chris's comic strips present real-life parenting situations that are beyond relatable. So, should any parents happen to need a pick-me-up when life -- or a Lego that a child left on the floor -- brings them down, whoomp, there it is.

Dad's work is honest, funny, and not afraid to go there.

  • 'I Am So Lucky ...'


    YAS to this times a million!

    The parenting struggle is often too real, and this Lunarbaboon comic hits close to home. How many of us have rolled up to our homes excited to see our family, only to witness an apocalyptic-level meltdown from the front window?

    May the force be with you always.

  • Pleasing Assumptions


    It's no secret that in life, we sometimes do things to make others feel better or proud in some way. There might be a chance your child will "want" to play basketball, take piano lessons, or run track after catching a glimpse of your excitement at the thought of your kid participating -- or following in your footsteps.

    ... And there's also a chance you, as proud mom or dad, will have to attend allll of those wonderful sporting and hobby events, no matter how bored you might become.

  • Restaurant Showdown


    Any mom or dad will tell you that eating out with your child can be a toss-up -- or, these days, like flying on a certain airline unsure whether or not you'll survive the trip. (Too early?) Maybe your child will eat his or her vegetables and keep the surrounding area intact. Or, maybe, just maybe, LO will decide it's the perfect time to flip the f*ck out for no reason whatsoever.

    While most parents try to anticipate and prepare for these what-if scenarios dining out, one thing that's truly annoying is how childish some people can act at the sight of you and your family being seated to eat -- or how they can give an instant death-beam stare if your kid cries for two seconds.

    Seriously, before you say your grace ... can you please give us a little? (We're trying.)

  • Freaking Caillou!


    How is it that we, as people, can differ in politics and religious beliefs ... but when it comes to a certain bald-headed cartoon, almost every parent on the planet Earth -- and astronauts in space -- freaking HATE it?

    Caillou is one of the most annoying cartoons out there, and yet, children can't seem to get enough of it. We feel for you, Dad.

  • Unsolicited Advice


    OMG! Can we frame -- better yet, can we turn this into a big-ass poster and hang it in the front of the house, so anyone who feels the "spirit" move them to give unsolicited parenting advice will be quiet?

    All jokes aside, it's great for people to care so much about the well-being of your child that they feel ... inspired to offer tips and tricks. But, at some point, people need to just take a step back, as too much advice can be overwhelming and annoying as f*ck.

  • 'Be Back in 6 Hours!'


    Any parent knows "running errands" with a tot is never quick, especially when you have multiple kiddos in tow. What normally takes 10 minutes gets an extra hour thrown on -- to get the kiddos in and out of the car seat, grab the diaper bag, check the diaper bag to make sure you have snacks and toys, and stop every three feet once inside your store of choice to appease one of your children's needs.

    It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

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  • Babysitter Please


    Children are truly a blessing. They're the very essence that fills parents' hearts with so much joy.

    ... But that doesn't mean moms and dads don't enjoy much-needed adult time.

    This Lunarbaboon comic perfectly sums up how most, if not all, parents feel at times. Yes, babies are beautiful, but so are date nights with the babysitter watching LO. (Can we get a hallelujah?)

  • 'I Can't Wait to Punch Him in the Balls for No Reason'


    Is there some kiddie memo that goes from playground to playground inspiring children to hit their dads in the nuts, or punch mommy's boobs for the sake of laughs?

    It's not fun, and really hurts. (*Tear*)

  • 'Take Us to Your Leader!'


    As if there was ever any doubt about who's the boss, just know her name starts with M. This Lunarbaboon comic about aliens asking for the leader is hilarious and so true. Because, at the end of the day, Mom is the peacekeeper, the negotiator, the mind reader, the magician, the judge, and the executioner.

  • Quick, Lava!


    What's not to love about children and their ability to imagine some random stuff that would likely happen in select regions of the world? They're brilliant minds that could inspire you to jump on your sofa in the event something like lava seeps into your living room. Watch out!

  • Fitness Roadblocks


    No matter how hard you try to go to the bathroom or squeeze in a workout routine you saw online in peace, kids always have a way of interrupting your endeavors at the most inconvenient time.

    But, hey, using LO as weight for bicep curls or chest presses should count for something, right? 

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  • Tantrum Amnesia


    Little kids are so darn funny. One minute, they're fine, and the next, they're experiencing an earth-shattering meltdown -- likely because Mom said no to something or didn't get it fast enough. What's even more hilarious is a child's ability to have complete amnesia about the behavior said wonderful child displayed two minutes ago.

    Yes, that was you becoming a human mop on the floor in aisle 6 when you thought you weren't getting ice cream. YOU.

  • Highest Bidder


    Older siblings will likely get a kick out of this one, because it's so darn relatable!

    As much as brothers and sisters love each other, there was likely a time growing up when you were willing to trade your younger sib for a piece of chewing gum, a bag of Blow Pops and Tootsie Rolls, or first dibs on the swing.

  • 'I Called You in Today'


    The artistic force is strong in this one. (LOL.)

    There are many reasons why a school might call a parent about his or her child. Maybe LO isn't feeling well or forgot something you need to bring. 

    ... Or, maybe your child's latest art drawing leaves teachers full of questions and concerns.

    You gotta love children's imaginations -- along with their ability to repeat and regurgitate things they've seen but aren't really supposed to repeat. 

  • People-Watching


    Ahh. Don't you just love nights when you're finally able to get the kiddos to sleep, secure some alone time, and have nowhere to go? Obviously, you don't need to leave your home to have a good time, but my is it fun to people-watch single folk as they enter and fall out of bars.

  • Keep It Real, Mama


    Admit it: There are times when you would love to grab your precious child by the face, kiss LO, and then rattle off all the things you do for said baby, as you often feel tired, unappreciated at times, and tired of being tired. 

    Being a mother is no walk in the park (at all), and as much as it is a wonderful responsibility you would never change for the world, that doesn't mean there aren't times when you don't feel 100 percent and like a perfect mom.

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  • Let Sleeping Mothers Lie


    Word to the wise: The next time someone dares you to wake up a resting mom -- and the house isn't burning down and the world isn't ending -- don't do it. 

    ... The results could be permanent.

  • 'I Don't Like It!'


    God bless the parent who spends more time than necessary trying to appease his or her child's dinner request, only to have said child tell said parent "I don't like it!" It's like a slow-twisting dagger through your heart, wrapped in frustration, anger, and tons of WTF.

  • Look, Don't Touch


    Don't you just love how little kids are able to live life without shame or concern for people's personal space? This Lunarbaboon comic is beyond hilarious -- and so damn true -- as children just don't give an eff when it comes to touching other people should they happen to see something shiny or cool ... like a butterfly.

  • Just Play Quietly


    Hahahaha! How many parents can relate to this comic? (Go ahead and admit it, 'cause you know you aren't alone!)

    Getting children to go to bed at a decent hour can take some MacGyver tactics and potential bribing before everyone gets to sleep ... But in the event LO just wants to stay up -- and you're beyond your limit after the fifth book -- at some point, you might find yourself saying "Screw it" before you shut your eyes and tell your kid to play quietly.

  • Loophole Wizard


    Hahahaha. How can you get mad at a child who follows rules? Technically, you did tell LO not to waste food in your house, which means guess what's coming to your plate?

    Yup, your child's food.

    Kids. They always seem to find the loopholes.

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