21 Spot-On Cartoons That Capture Those WTF Parenting Moments

Lunarbaboon parenting comic

The life of a parent is never dull (like, ever). There are ups, downs, and situations so wacky and out there, no one would believe we didn't rip our story from a TV show -- unless, of course, said person is a parent. If only there was some way to capture the hilarity and horror that comes with the parenting territory, so expectant moms and dads have a glimpse of what to expect, and those already enjoying the fruits of raising little ones realize they aren't alone. Well, folks, there actually is.


Chris Grady is a father of two, husband, and mastermind behind the Lunarbaboon web comic series that flawlessly illustrates all of life's struggles, joys, and WTF moments that come with being a parent. Following a boy named Moishe, his baby sister Matilda, and an easygoing mom, Lunarbaboon documents life as a parent from a father's perspective -- and has since been turned into a page-turning book called Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood.

Lunarbaboon: The Daily Life of Parenthood
Chris Grady/Amazon

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CafeMom recently caught up with Chris, who reveals how Lunarbaboon came about and what he hopes other parents can take away from his comics.

"I was dealing with some serious anxiety and depression and the comic started as a form of therapy," Grady tells CafeMom. "The idea was that I would take things that were stressing me out and try and find the humor in them. It turned out that a lot of what stressed me out was parenting, which is why so many of my comics focused on me as a father. I hope other parents who are struggling with parenthood get the message that they are not alone. That life with kids can be hard, but it comes with many rewards."

Each of Chris's comic strips present real-life parenting situations that are beyond relatable. So, should any parents happen to need a pick-me-up when life -- or a Lego that a child left on the floor -- brings them down, whoomp, there it is.

Dad's work is honest, funny, and not afraid to go there.

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