'Easter Bunny' Leaves Kids a Harsh Letter Instead of Candy

kid on easter

For most parents, punishing our kids isn't easy work. You want to be firm but not too harsh, and you want to get your point across without potentially scarring your children for life. It's a hard line to walk. That's probably why so many people have mixed reactions to Australian mom Tracy Elizabeth, who recently decided to show her kids who's boss by posing as the Easter Bunny and writing them a harsh letter explaining why they didn't get any treats this year.


"To Holly, Jake, and Zach, I am writing you this letter to let you know that this year you are on my 'Naughty List,'" the letter begins. "I am not bringing you any Easter eggs or gifts because I have been watching carefully and you have been very naughty, fighting, arguing, and not doing as you were told."

Sunny Coast Community Board/Facebook

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That's bad enough for most kids, but the letter ups the ante. The mom writes, "I have rung Santa and told him to keep a close eye out to see if your behavior improves then you still have time to make his good list. I hope next year you can do a better job of being good and I will bring you some yummy eggs and a nice new toy."

Finally, the letter ends on this creepy note: "Please behave for your mum and remember, I am always watching."

Did you just get a shiver up your spine thinking about a giant, hairy rabbit peeking in your windows? Same.

Tracy Elizabeth shared the note on her local community board's Facebook page. She also included a video that showed a trail of fake bunny "footprints" leading to the note, and she wrote that she felt like the "cruelest mum on earth" but hoped her extreme measures might teach her kids a lesson. Naturally, her post inspired some strong reactions.

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Some people seemed to agree with her tactics. One commenter called the letter "hilarious" and recounted a Christmas where her cousins all got "potatoes" as presents following bad behavior. But others didn't find the letter so amusing.

Sunny Coast Community Board/Facebook

Sunny Coast Community Board/Facebook

One person even went so far as to call the mom's punishment "abuse."

Sunny Coast Community Board/Facebook

The criticism got so intense that Tracy Elizabeth herself responded in the comments, writing, "I'm not this bad mother or human being that some of you think ... I am just a mum trying to better her children in ways that might be different to you, which isn't always a bad thing."

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We've all been in this mom's shoes and felt desperate to figure out a way to get through to our children when they're misbehaving. Unruly kids certainly aren't a rare phenomenon, and most parents will gladly make a threat in the name of Santa, the Easter Bunny, or even the Tooth Fairy if it will get them to behave during a tough moment.

But a one-off threat is different from writing a letter from a mythical creature, creating a trail of pretend bunny prints that leads to crushing disappointment, and actually canceling an entire holiday. Personally, that's not something I would do. But whether you agree with this mom's decision or not, one thing is certain: She's not playing around.

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