15 Insane Toddler Mom Cartoons That Are Totally ... Our Life

Tanvier Peart | Apr 13, 2017 Being a Mom
15 Insane Toddler Mom Cartoons That Are Totally ... Our Life

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Moms have often been called superheroes who don't wear capes. We fight the wiles of temper tantrums, go toe-to-toe with sleep deprivation, and somehow, we always find a way to save the day -- even if it looks like we've been through hell. Motherhood has many moments of beauty, but there are also relatable WTH moments that challenge our sanity and deserve to be preserved in all their hilarious glory ... And thanks to Dutch illustrator Liesbeth Ton -- or "Betje" -- we now have that.

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The wife and mom of three (Betje and her husband have three children, ages 10, 7, and 2) is the mastermind behind a series of hilarious parenting cartoons and illustrations that perfectly capture the joys and OMG moments of motherhood -- especially when it comes to raising toddlers. From trying to get a 2-year-old's diaper on, the reasons why moms never seem to sleep, wiping up snot, and the many ways that moms are everyday heroes, this illustrations just go on to prove that moms have a sense of humor. 

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So, sit back, grab a snack that the kid hopefully won't steal, and enjoy a few minutes of pure hilarity as Betje illustrates common mommy tales we know all too well.

  • 'Gift' of Love


    One thing you have to love about little kids is their ability to find the grossest and most random "gifts" to give us as a sign that they love us. A booger. A half-chewed piece of gum. Some random slimy object they found on the street. Yet, no matter how much the gift makes you feel like you're on an episode of Fear Factor, you can't help but appreciate how excited your child is to give it to you.

  • 'Medieval Torture Methods'


    "Please tell me I'm not the only mother who has had to do this," Betje playfully captions her Instagram post. "My kid fights and screams as if I'm subjecting him to medieval torture methods every time I'm trying to change a diaper." Yup, we've been there!

  • Sh*t Out of Luck


    Since we're on the subject of changing a diaper, who else has been in the middle of wiping LO's behind only to run out of wipes ... and then he or she decides to poop? Being a mom can be a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

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  • Getting Reacquainted With Sleepless Nights


    Did you really think that once your baby turned into a toddler, he or she would just sleep the night away without waking you from your slumber? God bless your soul.

    While bigger kids are notorious for doing this, don't be too surprised if your toddler decides to stumble into your bedroom to wake you up in the middle of the night. Maybe your child had a bad dream, thought a shadow was a monster, or just wants to catch up on the latest episode of Sesame Street. Whatever the case, he or she definitely doesn't care if it's 3 a.m.

  • The Treasures of Co-Sleeping


    In case you didn't know, there are tons of benefits to co-sleeping that extend beyond the additional bonding time you have with your child. For instance, moms can develop stronger joints and muscles as LO will likely decide to plant a foot in your hip -- or, better yet, your face. Then there are those wonderful miscellaneous items that end up in your bed and make pleasant surprises when you accidentally roll on them.

    All jokes aside, there's nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child. So enjoy the moment, and the clutter.

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  • Living in the Moment


    It's easy for moms to feel like failures at times. No matter how hard we try to keep our kids busy or play with toys we think they'll like, there's a very good chance your kid just won't be into what you're doing -- and they have no qualms about letting you know.

    This is the perfect reminder to stop and live in the moment. You never know: It could yield the most random and oddly fun adventures your son or daughter will remember ... for the next 15 minutes. 

    Not everything has to be scheduled or planned in order to be enjoyable.

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  • Tiny Person Meltdown


    Even the most well-intentioned and super organized mom can taste defeat in the tantrum department -- which is why you shouldn't beat yourself up when it happens.

    Little ones typically have the attention and non-tantrum lifespan of an iPhone battery, which can make public outings a gamble. You can pack their favorite toys, whisk them off to their favorite places, and stuff them with as many snacks as you can find ... but that doesn't mean LO won't get tired or cranky or a combination of the two that turns your fun family day into a true nightmare.

  • Bathroom Showdown


    Seriously, what mom hasn't been here? You want to pee (or poop), and your kid is doing everything in his or her power to come in the bathroom -- because, obviously, closed doors scream "bother me!" Whether LO wants a toy he or she can't reach or wants to say "hi" just because (or wants some salami in the example of this comic), it's pretty comical how parents can't pee without an audience.

  • Taking Politeness to Random & Stinky Levels


    Speaking of bathrooms and toilets, does anyone else's child have really good manners and feel the need to say goodbye to anyone and anything -- including the poop you flush? Hey, being polite will always come in handy.

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  • Button Obsession


    Moms who've been in a rush to get somewhere on time have likely been late because their child stumbled across something -- like a crosswalk button -- that was utterly and uncontrollably life-consuming. And when moms try to pry their kid from said item? Let's just say a hostage negotiator would likely have less difficulty.

    ... It truly is amazing how such a small and everyday item can bring kids so much joy.

  • Playing 'Nice'


    Have you ever noticed how fast and easy it is for kids to go from zero to "I'm going to rip your head off in the name of laughter"? What happened to those snuggly hugs and kisses?


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  • The Silent Tinkle


    Aww, look how thoughtful mothers are.

    Parents with children who wake up at the drop of a pin -- or at the sound of the bag to your midnight snack opening -- are notorious for using the bathroom in the middle of the night and not flushing. After all, why chance your energetic child jumping out of bed? Don't give LO an excuse to do so!

  • 'Wonderfully Gross'


    Ah, yes -- gotta love those snot-filled kisses! Little ones seem to have a never-ending supply of mucus that gets EVERYWHERE -- including on your face when they grab you by the cheeks to plant a wet one on ya. 

    Still, these precious moments are pretty hard to resist!

  • Appreciate the Small Things


    You want to know one of the best things about having toddlers? They help ground you and make you reassess what's important in life -- like a rainbow, a random army of ants, or a snack they're excited to eat because it tastes really good.

    It's become second nature to speed through life without giving a moment's glance to things we deem mundane. But for kids, these "trivial" items, places, and events can mean the world to them -- becoming the wake-up call we need to appreciate the small things and enjoy life through their lens.

  • Realizing 'You're a Hero Every Day & Night'


    It's only fitting to wrap up our love for these illustrations with one that perfectly captures motherhood and all of the chaotic moments that come with the territory -- especially when it comes to raising small children. They'll test your patience, push your limits, and make you feel like you don't know what you're doing.

    ... And that's okay.

    "You may feel sometimes as if you don't get anything done," Betje captions her post on Instagram. "In fact, you're a hero every day and night."

    In case no one tells you today, you're an awesome mom.

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