15 Insane Toddler Mom Cartoons That Are Totally ... Your Life

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Moms have often been called superheroes who don't wear capes. We fight the wiles of temper tantrums, go toe-to-toe with sleep deprivation, and somehow, we always find a way to save the day -- even if it looks like we've been through hell. Motherhood has many moments of beauty, but there are also relatable WTH moments that challenge our sanity and deserve to be preserved in all their hilarious glory ... And thanks to Dutch illustrator Liesbeth Ton -- or "Betje" -- we now have that.


The wife and mom of three (Betje and her husband have three children, ages 10, 7, and 2) is the mastermind behind a series of hilarious parenting cartoons and illustrations that perfectly capture the joys and OMG moments of motherhood -- especially when it comes to raising toddlers.

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So, sit back, grab a snack that your kid hopefully won't steal, and enjoy a few minutes of pure hilarity as Betje illustrates common mommy tales we know all too well.

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