15 Brutally Honest Mother's Day Cards That Should Exist IRL

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Design by Anne Meadows

There's no shortage of Mother's Day cards out there in the world. Thanks to big-box stores and online print shops, it's pretty easy to find just about any kind of card for mom, from the sweet and sentimental to the snarky and wildly inappropriate. But, one thing most of these cards have in common is that they fail to thank moms for the sacrifices we're really making for our kids.


Motherhood isn't pretty. It's exhausting and it keeps us running around the clock. There are leaky boobs, perineal stitches, sleepless nights, poop (so much poop! and a good amount of pee and vomit, too!), as well as a million other tiny things we endure in order to make sure our kids stay happy and healthy. Like that not-hot-anymore cup of coffee we get to drink. Every. Single. Morning. Of. Our. Lives. Can't it just be hot once? 

Is motherhood all bad? Of course it's not! We love it, and that's why we do it. But, a Hallmark card with some tender message in scrolling gold script about our wisdom and unconditional love just isn't going to cut it this year. That's why we've put together this lineup of unique, blatantly honest Mother's Day cards that give thanks for all the things moms really do behind the scenes -- yes, even the gross stuff.

Here, 15 funny and totally honest cards that mom should actually get on Mother's Day.

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