17 Times Kids Were Grosser Than Gross

shocked little girl

When my first child was just a few months old, he had an epic diaper blow-out. It wasn't just a small leak where he got a little bit of poop on his onesie or on the changing table. There was poop everywhere, all the way from his tiny baby toes to his adorable curly hair. In that moment, I was certain that one massive diaper blow-out would be the absolute grossest moment in my parenting career. Now that I'm a more experienced mom, I know how naive I actually was.


In the eight years since that diaper disaster, I've dealt with so many other gross parenting moments -- things like catching vomit in my hands (yes, actual vomit), a full week of the stomach flu that I still don't feel I have the strength to talk about, and a small child sneezing forcefully into my open mouth. People aren't lying when they say parenting isn't for the faint of heart, and I've got the horror stories to prove it.

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The bottom line is that parenting can be so completely gross, even after a mom has left the tiny babies and messy diapers phase behind, and it's all just a part of the job. Since misery loves company, I asked friends and fellow moms to share their most disgusting parenting moments, and boy, did they deliver. The best thing about these stories is knowing they happened to someone else. Fair warning: Some of these stories are WAY high on the gross-out meter.

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