15 Things We're Sorry We Ever Judged Moms for Doing

Liz Alterman | Mar 27, 2017 Being a Mom
15 Things We're Sorry We Ever Judged Moms for Doing
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Before you have kids, parenting seems so easy. Once you have the little guys? Not so much! It's easy to judge fellow moms and dads until you're walking in their shoes. We asked parents to share all those things they judged others for doing -- and swore they'd never do -- only to find themselves engaging in all those behaviors they vowed never to repeat.

Whether you feel terribly guilty or like a bit of a hypocrite for those judgy thoughts you once had, don't worry -- you're not alone. Take a look and see if you've ever found yourself criticizing parents for these actions only to do them later yourself! 

  • Bottle vs. Breast


    "I was determined to breastfeed and was judgmental toward people who chose not to do so and then I failed miserably." -- Cara Maksimow, LCSW, CPC, therapist, coach, speaker, and author of Lose That Mommy Guilt, mom of two

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  • Using 'Leashes'

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    "I totally judged the harness-using parents. Karma bit me back, though, because my son is the worst kind of runner." -- CafeMom member Strangeyfine

  • Co-Sleeping

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    "I swore I would never co-sleep. Of course I did. So much easier." -- CafeMom member outer.banks

  • Use the TV as a Sitter

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    "[I said I'd never] let the TV 'babysit'; and my son loves his Cars movie." -- CafeMom member PrettyWings29

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  • Using a Pacifier


    "I swore I'd never let my child use a pacifier and certainly not past 6 months in age. I'm ashamed to say we finally took away his beloved 'binky' at age 2." -- Jane M., mom of one

  • Weight Gain During Pregnancy


    "I also said I would not gain too much weight when pregnant, I would be more disciplined. Nope. 60 lbs both babies." -- Cara Maksimow

  • Misbehaving in Restaurants

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    "I used to glare at people who allowed their kids to misbehave in restaurants. Then, when my son was 2, I went to meet a friend I hadn't seen in a while for lunch and I let [my kid] throw all the utensils behind a radiator just so he'd be quiet. Looking back, I'm horrified, but at the time I just wanted a moment's peace." -- Beth A., mom of three

  • Having Lots of Kids

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    "[I said I'd never] have more than one child. I had way more than one, lol." -- Anonymous.

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  • Drinking


    "I used to judge parents who drank in front of their kids, and now I totally get it and do it -- not all the time but at a barbecue or birthday party." -- Suzanne K., mom of two

  • Playing With Smartphones


    "I thought it was nuts when I saw moms and dads handing over their $700 iPhones to their babies to play with -- until I had my own kids and realized you gotta do what you gotta do!" -- Sarah H., mom of one

  • Junk Food

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    "I used to cringe when people gave their kids sugary snacks, but now I do it too." -- Kate B., mom of one

  • Relying on Medication


    "I really judged parents who medicated their kids ... until I had a daughter with ADHD and I can see how critical it is." -- Amanda M., mom of one

  • Using a Sitter -- While You're Home


    "I could never understand why some moms had sitters come while they were home, but now I realize it's the only way I can get a lot done without constant interruptions." -- Mary W., mom of four

  • Working


    "It used to break my heart to hear about moms dropping off babies when they were just a few weeks old, but now that I understand just how limited maternity leave is and how expensive kids are, I get it." -- Eileen F., mom of one

  • Holding Kids Back in School


    "Whenever I heard about parents holding kids back a grade, I assumed it was because they wanted them to be the tallest, smartest, or most athletic one in the class. But, sadly, I learned sometimes kids just aren't ready to move ahead and that's okay." -- Samantha P., mom of three

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