Why Expecting Motherhood to Be 'Natural' Is a Load of BS

Image: Leah DeVun

Leah DeVun photo series
Leah DeVun

It wasn't long after Leah DeVun had given birth to her now-6-year-old son that she started talking to other moms about birth. A common theme emerged: Disappointment. "Things hadn't gone as planned," the Brooklyn, New York, artist tells CafeMom. "Our bodies hadn't been capable of giving birth or breastfeeding as we imagined they would do naturally." It was those conversations that laid the groundwork for a stunning photo series exploring the medical technologies that assist women with breastfeeding.


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Called "In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction," DeVun's incredible photo series features moms she found on a Brooklyn listserv -- moms whom she invited to pose with the apparatus they used for breastfeeding. These photographs are beautiful, raw, and show that motherhood doesn't always look the way we think it does, or the way we see it on TV. These women are completely vulnerable with their difficulties with being a new mother, and DeVun has really highlighted how the debate on what one should or shouldn't do has completely missed women who don't always have that option. 

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Read on to see these incredible photographs of women who prove that motherhood coming "naturally" is totally BS. 

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