17 Easter Egg Fails That'll Make Every Parent Feel Better About Their Own

Liz Alterman | Mar 27, 2018 Being a Mom
17 Easter Egg Fails That'll Make Every Parent Feel Better About Their Own

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There's a lot of pressure when it comes to Easter eggs. From dyeing them to rounding them up at an egg hunt, we want everything to go perfectly. And yet it rarely does, of course. Easter egg fails abound on Twitter and Instagram, and they can serve as comfort for moms whose eggs didn't turn out as planned, as well as an important heads-up for exactly what not to do this time of year.

Modern parents are always under a lot of pressure to make everything perfect for their kids -- and the holidays always seem to take that pressure up a notch. In theory, Easter should be fun, simple, and full of laughter, but any parent who's been there -- from the egg dye disasters and bunny-shaped desserts to the highly competitive Easter egg hunt and sugar-induced tantrums -- knows this special day can take a turn for the worse at any moment. 

In preparation for the long day ahead, have a look at some of these spectacular Easter egg fails. Take them in and breathe a deep sigh of relief -- because rest assured, the Easter festivities this year will be just fine. And, if they're not, please share it on social media for a little misery-loves-company fun. 

Remember, parents, we're all just making memories here. And sometimes our biggest fails as parents make the kind of memories that turn into a lifetime of laughter. 

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