15 Dads Share What They'll Never Understand About How Women Do Motherhood

Wendy Robinson | Apr 10, 2017 Being a Mom
15 Dads Share What They'll Never Understand About How Women Do Motherhood

Dad carrying son on shoulders

My husband and I are equal co-parents of our two kids. He is a stay-at-home dad, so he actually spends more time with them than I do. So you'd think our list of parenting worries and priorities would be about the same, right? Yeah, not so much.

It turns out that my list of parental anxiety triggers is way longer and more detailed than his. I'm pretty sure he doesn't worry about every cough becoming a cold and whether or not my daughter refusing to eat dinner is a sign she's going to have food issues for the rest of her life. It seems like there are some aspects of being a mom -- or at least my version of being a mom -- that he just doesn't get. 

As much as I love talking to other moms about how they experience motherhood, sometimes it can be even more fascinating to find out about the dad perspective. So I got 15 dads to tell me what they just don't get about how their wives do motherhood.

  • Screen Time Rules

    A dad and two young kids playing with a tablet

    "I don't get why my wife is so hung up on rules for screen time. She gets so stressed out about the kids being on the tablet too much or watching an extra show or two. I watched TV ALL DAY when I was a kid. I turned out fine. There's so much other stuff to stress about beyond a little more Daniel Tiger." -- J.F. 

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  • Enough With the Camera

    A mom taking a photo of her young son

    "I don't get the obsession with taking pictures of EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Can we just go to the park and not have it be a photo shoot? Enough with the camera, Ansel Adams." -- P.L.

  • Hair Cares

    A baby girl wearing a headband with a large pink flower
    iStock.com/Irina Lapeto

    "I've only been a dad for six months, so I don't really know. Oh, wait! I know one -- why is she so obsessed with putting bows and stuff on our daughter? The kid barely has any hair! But my wife gets all annoyed when people think she is a boy. So she buys these big-ass bows. They look ridiculous." -- G.H. 

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  • Lighten Up

    A father and his young daughter playing soccer

    "I don't understand why my wife can't just let go of doing all the stuff and just hang out with me and the kids. Who gives a crap if the house is a mess? It's nice out, let's go play outside. I think she'd like being a mom more if she just lighted up a little bit." -- M.R.

  • Food Rules

    A smiling young girl eating a slice of pizza

    "I don't understand why my wife has so many rules about food. We can only feed the kids pizza once a month. No food with red dyes. No white bread. C'mon! There's nothing wrong with a little junk food." -- K.B. 

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  • Power Struggle

    A little girl playing dress up

    "The epic power struggles between my wife and my daughter about what the kid is going to wear -- I don't get it. Just let the kid wear what she wants. I don't get the drama." -- A.W. 

  • Mom Mafia

    Three fit moms walking with their babies in strollers

    "What I don't get is why the opinion of her 'mom mafia' of friends is so much more important than my opinion. I get regularly overruled by something she read on a mom blog or something she heard in [her] workout group. It really sucks sometimes." -- S.W.

  • Make Up Your Mind

    A depressed woman staring out the window

    "I don't understand, sometimes, what my wife wants when it comes to our kids. She says she wants me to do more but then she picks at me when I do. She gets annoyed when I don't do things exactly how she would do it. Make up your mind, woman -- let me do stuff my way or stop asking me to do them." -- J.J.

  • Let Kids Be Kids

    A young kid wearing rain boots and splashing in the mud

    "I don't understand why my wife gets so mad when kids act like kids. They make messes, they yell, they fight with each other -- this is normal stuff. Muddy boots aren't the end of the world." -- D.R. 

  • Have Fun

    A mom holding her young daughter as if she's flying

    "My wife is an amazing mom. She's so good with the kids. I wish she could see how good a job she's doing. The kids worship her. I just wish she could let go and have a little more fun along the way." -- T.W. 

  • Hot Mama?

    A woman cuddling in bed with a man

    "Not to sound like a stereotype, but I don't get why being a mom has killed my wife's sex drive. After a long day with the kids, I'm dying for some adult contact. My wife doesn't even want to kiss me. I'm hoping it will get better as the kids get older." -- C.M. 

  • Crowded

    Parents and two children dangling their feet over the edge of a large bed

    "Our kids are in our bed all the time, and I don't know why that doesn't bug her more. I'm so crowded and I want to draw a hard line about nobody but grown-ups in the big bed, but she doesn't have my back on that. Does she like feet in her ribs?" -- H.D. 

  • Power Struggles

    A young girl covering her ears with her hands while her mom tries to speak to her

    "My 7-year-old daughter is, um, strong-willed. And so is her mother. The two of them butt heads so much that I'm legit worried about what the teenage years are going to be like. 

    "I guess what I don't understand is why my wife can't chill out a little and choose her battles more. Everything is such a power struggle." -- K.B. 

  • More?

    A smiling mom posing with her two young children

    "We have two kids under the age of 3 and my wife already says she's thinking about having another. I don't understand how she can even think about more when we still have two in diapers!

    "Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. But I don't understand the NEED for more that she seems to have." -- S.W.

  • The Natural

    A loving mom kissing her baby on the forehead

    "I don't understand why she's always so stressed. She worries too much about being a good mom. Anyone can see she's a natural." -- L.F.

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