15 Dads Share What They'll Never Understand About How Women Do Motherhood

Dad carrying son on shoulders

My husband and I are equal co-parents of our two kids. He is a stay-at-home dad, so he actually spends more time with them than I do. So you'd think our list of parenting worries and priorities would be about the same, right? Yeah, not so much.


It turns out that my list of parental anxiety triggers is way longer and more detailed than his. I'm pretty sure he doesn't worry about every cough becoming a cold and whether or not my daughter refusing to eat dinner is a sign she's going to have food issues for the rest of her life. It seems like there are some aspects of being a mom -- or at least my version of being a mom -- that he just doesn't get. 

As much as I love talking to other moms about how they experience motherhood, sometimes it can be even more fascinating to find out about the dad perspective. So I got 15 dads to tell me what they just don't get about how their wives do motherhood.

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